The artist turned the anti-virus process into a super cool stickman animation

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If you have ever worked or studied with a computer, then surely no one is unfamiliar with computer viruses. It has a rather long and cumbersome development history, always associated with the exponential growth of world software technology. Computer viruses are program codes designed to infiltrate other computers to steal information, delete data, send anonymous emails, and automatically replicate to spread.

The virus has crashed the web, folks.

Draw me the hammer I hit the virus.

Previously, the virus was written for testing purposes, but later on, it became more and more dangerous when used by hackers to steal information or create an opportunity to take control of your computer. others for personal gain. In addition, a computer infected with a virus also has signs such as abnormally slow running or blue screen errors, … affecting users.

At times like these, all everyone needs to do is install anti-virus software. This is the traditional method of computer protection and should be done with all computers. The use of anti-virus software is very necessary for any computer user because of its convenience and safety in information security. But have you ever wondered how these softwares work after launching? And how will the virus be destroyed?

Talented illustrator Alan Becker.

Recently, Alan Becker – One of the most famous illustrators on Youtube with more than 14 million subscribers has uploaded on his personal youtube channel a stickman animation video simulating the process of destroying computer viruses. Quickly, this 30-minute video has reached tens of millions of views.

Animator vs. Animation V (official).

Known for his unique stickman cartoons, it’s not difficult for his latest video to reach an impressive number of views. Before that, Alnen Becker was very famous in the animation community for his extremely creative stickman animation videos, featuring his own style. People were very interested in the stickman animation videos in the world of League of Legends or Minecraft.


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