PUBG launches “Fake Ring” mode, only playing Ghillie Suit with… crossbow

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With gamers PUBGEvent Mode is becoming the most exciting and innovative game mode as they can shake off the usual Battle Royale style and change the wind with new battlefields.


Now this mode also makes gamers “booze” even more when offering a super unique gameplay.. Yes, it’s Ghillie Crossing – where gamers can only use crossbows and melee weapons to attack enemies. enemy. In return, players can easily pick up Ghillie Suit on the map, helping themselves become a true shinobi of PUBG. In fact, this mode has appeared once and now with the fans of gamers it will return again.


It is because of the characteristics of this completely new mode that gamers cannot run ice and shoot wildly. Instead, they will have to secretly move and close to the enemy to launch the most dangerous arrows. With unique features like this, this promises to become the most “heartbreaking” mode ever of PUBG.


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