Close-up of the super product iPhone 12 Pro worth 128 million

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Recently, the Russian luxury brand Caviar has officially introduced a close-up version of the iPhone 12 Pro at a ridiculously high price. The smartphone This is named iPhone 12 Pro Stealthinspired by the famous radar avoidance jet.

Iphone 12″ Pro Stealth is completely removed 3 cameras on the back and disables the selfie camera on the front, but users can rest assured because the Face ID feature still works normally thanks to the use of TrueDeapth infrared camera. This design by Caviar is reminiscent of previous special versions of phones without cameras. Those are phones reserved for business people and government employees working in sensitive areas – where all types of cameras are prohibited. At the same time, removing the camera also helps protect user privacy.​


Iphone The 12 Pro Stealth is available in two colors: Black and Gold, both with backs made of hard titanium. Only 99 smartphones like this have been produced and sold on the market, so its price is certainly not cheap. In which the black Stealth version costs $ 4990 (VND 115 million), the gold-plated Stealth Gold version will be sold for $ 5520 (about VND 128 million).

Many people consider this price not too expensive for a brand like Caviar, at least it is much cheaper than the price of 23,380 USD (about 540 million VND) of the iPhone 12 Pro encrusted with 18 karat gold.

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