The PS1 game was suddenly revived after more than 20 years of oblivion

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In 1997, a small group of Japanese developers spent 8 months creating a title rogue-lite game Name Magic Castle. They have sent their products to all seven major developers, including Sony. Unfortunately, this game was never released on PS1 as its “father” wishes.

The game’s 1998 trailer

Magic Castle is scheduled to be released in 1999 on consoles PlayStation However, in 1998, the company asked the development team to abandon this project and start participating in other categories although they were not very interested. Since then, this game project has been abandoned and gradually sunk into oblivion with the flow of time.

But more than 20 years later, thanks to the efforts of K. Matsunami (also known as PIROWO), Magic Castle once again has the opportunity to be released to players. PIROWO was one of the members of the original development team and is currently the designer of SEGA. He recently found the source of this project on Net Yaroze and decided to finish the game.​


This is not a complete game, it’s basically like a demo that gamers play in game exhibitions and of course it’s more or less outdated than it is now. But for the members of the original development team, seeing this once-abandoned game resurrected is certainly a meaningful thing. If you want to experience this game that is more than 20 years old, you can download the game at THIS.

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