VLTK Mobile – Fascinated by the dancer’s super cute Ngu Doc cosplay photos

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Ngu Doc is one of the important sects in the game Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile. With a lovely loli appearance, the main purple outfit, the Five Poisons have captivated not only female gamers, but even male gamers must be ecstatic.

Reality in the community VLTK Mobileplayers have seen many cosplay impromptu photos Five Poison sect of many female gamers. Being transformed into your favorite game character is a great thing that perhaps only those who have an endless passion for the game can fully understand that feeling.

And just a few hours ago, the community of players of this game, especially the fans of Ngu Doc, had one more opportunity to admire this character cosplay photo of a female gamer with the facebook account Meo. Meow Tran.​


Contact Meo Meo Tran, know that the girl named Thu was born in 1990, often called by everyone’s lovely name – “Meo Meo”. Thu was born in Hoi An but is currently pursuing a career as a dancer in Da Nang. Playing VLTK Mobile so far for nearly 1 year, the special impressions about this game make this 9x girl so fascinated by it because of the beautiful character, beautiful skills, moreover, playing with the team. In Da Nang, people who share the same passion and hobby have made gamers even more motivated to stick with VLTK Mobile for a longer time. Currently, she is playing the character Phung in the state of Tan Sat – server 188.​


When asked where she got the idea to take such a Five Poison cosplay photo set, the dancer shared that: “I’ve wanted to take a cosplay of the Five Poisons for a long time, but I haven’t had the opportunity, since VNG held a contest to find faces representing the factions, I also participated but was not lucky enough to be chosen. Recently, I saw a friend who took this set so beautifully, so I contacted her and begged her to let me rent the suit back to take pictures, with the desire to keep something beautiful and memorable with the game that I wanted. have been passionately engaged for a long time. Sharing this set of photos with other players, I didn’t expect to receive such enthusiastic support, it’s really fun and happy.”


Below is the full set of Meo Meo Tran’s Five Poison cosplay photos, invite gamers to admire!

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