The appearance of PUBG Mobile with terrible graphics called Glorious Mission Online

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For a long time now, many people still joke that China is a country of fake goods, with sophisticated imitation technology that is 99.9% similar to the real thing, it is no exaggeration to say that in China nothing is impossible. can do. In this year 2017, it is impossible not to know about Battle Royale genre PUBG, a game with global heat, but it must be said that the “weakness” of PUBG is that the game is only available on PC and must be a computer with a terrible configuration to be able to fight. And before the attraction of the PUBG giant, Chinese game publishers can’t miss this opportunity to make a lot of money, think about it, a game based on the PUBG formula is even the same, also has the same background map. terrible graphics, above all, it’s a completely free mobile game, so for many players, why not experience it more than having to invest a small amount of money to own PUBG. If there is demand, there must be supply, two big names in the forefront of making games “similar to” PUBG must be mentioned Tencent and Netease.


Most recently, the publisher Tencent has released official information that they are developing a game similar to PUBG called Glorious Mission in Chinese, which is 光荣使命. This English name of the game has the same name as an online FPS game of Giant Interactive game company that has existed since 2011, so many people may be confused and think that Glorious Mission Online available on mobile platforms as many games usually do.

Right from the first images in the trailer, you will certainly feel somewhat familiar, with Glorious Mission everything in PUBG is included and too familiar with “parachute people”. Perhaps there is no need to reintroduce the gameplay of the game anymore, the number of people participating in the game will be up to 100 people with a map of 64 km2 and many amazing weapons, currently the game is in the preparation stage for the game. Alpha test process and there is no official information on the opening date, all the latest news about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com as soon as possible.


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