KurtzPel – Both fighting and nosebleed with Korean super toxic game

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At the exhibition G-star 2017 next to the hot games introduced by the “big man” Nexon We can’t forget to mention KOG. During the exhibition, KOG launched and simultaneously opened an open beta for its brand new online game called KurtzPel. Belonging to the online game genre ARPG, inheriting the quintessence of two previous brothers, Grand Chaseb and Elsword. This is an Anime game that will definitely bring a new feeling to players.

You will enter a true life-and-death battle, each match will be organized by two players as captains into two different teams, the team that destroys all the members of the other team will win. Hearing the gameplay of the game, you also feel quite attractive, right, your job is just to kill and support your teammates, and enjoy the extreme combat because the game’s graphics make Everyone has to be immersed. Through a few previous demo images, it can be seen that the game will use a few computer keys to improve the beautiful skills of the game characters. Besides, you will also have to combine left-click and Right click to activate different skills. If you are just starting to play, you will find the manipulations are relatively difficult, but after a few times, you will definitely get used to it and be able to perform more physical combat.

At the same time, the characters in the game will not have levels, the way for the character to have high combat power, you have to upgrade the character’s skills. In addition, the character’s skills will also have consumption and recovery, when the skills are consumed, the recovery time will be 3s, accordingly, the movement speed will also slow down and be unavoidable. opponent’s attacks. So the battles in the game are not “dog blood” attacks, but you have to come up with a decent strategy. Currently the game has no official release date, all information about the game will be updated as quickly as possible by Emergenceingame.Com.


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