CrossFire Legends Star League 2018: Fierce two days of competition kick off

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Star League Season 2 2018, the most prestigious playground of the year with the participation of 8 best teams Ahihi, HeadHunter, Black WolfLegend Warriors, LTD, Home, Dragon and Shine. These are all very carefully selected teams from 2 tournaments CF Pro League and CF2L. With a completely new Swiss Format competition format, the tournament officially kicked off on October 8 with the charming opening match AHIHI vs Dragon.

Right in the first match, we witnessed an extremely dramatic and thrilling competition, recreating the final match of The Legends 2017. Opening with the map of the Power Plant, Ahihi quickly entered the game. very fast and quick to implement gameplay. HuyGa with his extremely good pick situations brought a lot of advantages to Ahihi.


The start was slow but Dragon was able to catch up and got himself 3 rounds of victory before switching sides. AHIHI still proved themselves too strong and they won the map with the final score of 10 – 4. The second map was chosen as Broadcast Station, in this match Dragon lost with a score of 10 – 5 in one day. couple HungHiHa and HuyGa have an extremely flying form. Although they did not get positive results in the opening match, Dragon gave us a positive signal, hopefully they can come back in the next rounds. In the other match, Black Wolf had a hard time defeating Shine with a score of 2 – 1.

The match day of October 9 was separate matches when the teams in the top seed group all won for themselves in the opening match. Legend Warriors with the leadership of Volcano and PhuocT had a convincing victory against Homie with a score of 2 – 0. The map against Power Plant seems to be quite difficult for them as this has not been a competitive Legend Warriors map for a long time. However, with individual excellence, they won close to Homie with a score of 10 – 8. In the second map, LW easily extinguished Homie’s hopes of scoring with a series of attack situations. and solid defense. The other matchup between HeadHunter and LDDT is a real match, especially in the second map of Satellite Station. With an 80% win rate, HeadHunter struggled to finish off the Mercenaries, and they needed extra rounds with a score of 4 – 2 to preserve their 2 wins.

Ranking after the first 2 days of competition 8.9/10


Schedule of Star League Season 2 2018 October 10, 11


Gunners don’t forget tonight at 19:00 the tournament will continue to take place. The two main matches in the round. The matches are commented directly on the official fanpage and youtube channel of CrossFire Legends. In particular, the gift-code distribution event when watching the livestream and predicting the winning team is still going on. Shooters don’t miss it!

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