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Jankos: G2’s loss at the 2019 World Championship was totally deserved

Event Prize champion world League of Legends ended on November 10, with FunPlus Phoenix taking the crown after a 3-0 win over G2.

This event broke Twitch viewership records, attracting millions fan from all over the world.

Jungle player of G2 Jankos was one of the first to share his insightful thoughts on the event.


He uploaded a video on 11/13, sharing his thoughts on World Championship, its future plans and the current state of G2. To the surprise of fans, he honestly revealed some unexpected information.

“I think this year has been a very good year for us, we dominated Europe, won the Mid-Season and made it to the world finals. We showed we were one of the best.”and promised the fans that they would win the World title next year.

Jankos then revealed his thoughts behind the final, saying that G2 “will not be defeated FPX unless we change our fundamentals.”. He said that their “greedy” play is the core problem that makes the team loser.

Another key difference he noted between the two teams was the level of teamwork. He stated that FunPlus Phoenix has the perfect teamwork, they’ve torn the G2 roster, especially the jungler and support.

The Polish gamer admitted that FPX played better and deserved the win, “What can I say? They are better than us, they deserve the trophy.”


However, Jankos says that G2 will stay together and will come back stronger next year. Emphasize that the whole team believes they have the ability to win the World Championship title next year 2020.

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