The mystery of the corpse in the mines of GTA 5

Rockstar Games throughout the series GTA, always trying to integrate mysterious places to challenge the judgment and reasoning ability of gamers. With an extremely large open world environment, the number of these locations is beyond the imagination of players. There, some act as “Easter Eggs” to pay tribute to famous games or movies, while others still remain in the dark.. In the previous series, Emergenceingame.Com introduced Introducing readers to the abandoned motel area through the YouTuber Dark Corners event encountering a member of the cannibal cult, now we will continue to “investigate” the most notorious abandoned mine in the world. GTA 5.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

Identified as being located near Mount Josiah, this mine is one of many notorious sites in the “Tongva Triangle” – an area considered to have the most ghostly phenomena in GTA 5. Originally when released. on Xbox 360 and PS3, the entrance to the vault is completely sealed and gamers have no way of getting inside. However, when GTA 5 launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, this mine was suddenly reopened by Rockstar. Only blocked by ordinary wooden planks, one could easily use explosives to break the passage and enter.


Completely devoid of lights due to long abandonment, the mines can only be explored using flashlights. Some of the brave gamers who entered the mines kept talking about creepy events, first with the sound of someone’s footsteps following them. Some videos on Youtube also prove this when the character has stopped but still has the sound of footsteps creaking on the wooden plank somewhere behind. Some say the mine is haunted by some past event, others say it’s just a technical problem when the character stops but still makes noise.


But that’s not the mine’s only chilling secret. Going deeper inside, gamers will also encounter a body lying right on the tracks. According to many sources in the game, this is the body of an animator named Isaac, who was killed by the character Fred Quincy when he almost discovered his secret. Many arguments go further, saying that Quincy also killed his secretary for the same reason. However, it is worth mentioning that if according to the above information as well as the clothes that Isaac wore, this person died in the 1940s of the last century. It means that with that time, a normal corpse will only be left with a skeleton.


But on the contrary, Isaac’s body only looked like he had not been long dead, not to mention the new clothes that aroused countless suspicions. Not only that, the face of the corpse also has indescribable peculiarities, as if a zombie zombie is staring at the player’s screen. Many gamers also believe that this is the body of Inspector Cole Phelps from the game LA Noire – which is also a name released by Rockstar. At the end of the game, Cole Phelps is swept away by floodwaters before he can escape the mines, leaving him barely able to say goodbye to his friends.


Some other arguments suggest that the body is in fact a reminder of the movie My Bloody Valentine released in 2009. In the film, a miner named Harry Warden used a pickaxe to kill 7 other friends to oxygen after the tunnel collapsed. Falling into a coma when he was found, Harry Warden awoke a year later and resumed his frenzied carnage on Valentine’s Day. In many videos on Youtube, gamers also recorded the scene of catching the “ghost” of a pickaxe in the mines… but when it came close, it completely disappeared.

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