The 10 most unforgettable moments of Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (P.2)

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5. Reassurance Hulk

When Bruce Banner transforms into Hulk, he will go crazy and no one can control. At this time, the anger caused the power of the “green giant” to explode so strongly that it could destroy the whole earth. However, in Avengers 2, only Black Widow was able to calm Hulk down, making him calm down.

4. Black Widow and Hawkeye

After Hawkeye was controlled by Loki, he did many evil deeds, but at this moment only Black Widow can control him. The sight of these two superheroes fighting with each other is also what makes fans extremely excited. Because the Avengers are mostly people with superpowers, only these two are fighting with their own true strength.

3. When Black Widow said she couldn’t have children

In a scene from Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, Black Widow is attending special training at the secret Red Room training ground in Russia. Black Widow said that going through this training helped her become a super spy, but also made her lose the ability to be a mother. This makes the audience feel sympathy for her identity.

2. Black Widow pushes Hulk over the cliff

Black Widow is an extremely rational female superhero. She never lets her emotions influence her actions. Also in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, after exchanging a passionate kiss with Bruce Banner (Hulk), she immediately pushed Banner over the cliff. Because she knows that now Bruce Banner must transform back into Hulk to fight the enemy.​

1. Trick the name “cheat god”

The name “cheat god” here is Thor’s younger brother – Loki. He is an extremely cunning man, but despises the intelligence and abilities of the Black Widow. In the end, Loki was tricked by Black Widow himself in a scene of The Avengers.

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