Metro Exodus – Super FPS of 2018 reveals gameplay details

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Metro Exodus is the third game in the series. But if the previous 2 parts (2033 and Last Light) is cramped in the ruined tunnels underground Moscow, sweat and fear, this part 3 offers a whole new experience.


Metro Exodus begins in the Metro (meta-city) but very quickly shifts the setting outside the city, into the same wild and snowy land of Russia. It’s not a Fallout-style open world, but levels. sandbox connected by a series of linear tasks. Side quests can be discovered and executed, but once left a level cannot be returned. Elements in the game become more like Fallout than in previous games.


The combat and theft features have also been adjusted to fit a larger and more “open” world. Instead of having to move between “hub” locations as before, the hub will now follow gamers in the form of the Aurora ship. There will be vehicles to use, the ability to change factions and upgrade weapons. Even the timeline in the game is expanded: if the scale of 2033 and Last Light only lasts a few days Exodust will last 1 year.

Metro Exodus It is expected to be released by the end of this year

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