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Anonymous games that are better than millions of games

2018 promises to be the next successful year of the game industry with extremely resounding first shots like Far Cry 5 or Monster Hunter: World. A variety of titles good game Other coughs are also on this year’s shipment list. Some of them are inherently “popular” among the community, the rest seem to be unknown to anyone. Here are some “anonymous” games that will be released in 2018 that the writer believes you should check out if you have time:

first. Eastshade – PC
The open-world adventure genre has probably become too familiar to gamers today, but you’ve certainly never played a game like Eastshade. The game does not have a main story, other than extremely attractive side quests that will tell you about the strange history of the island you are on.


What better way to explore the world than to be an artist? With pen and paper in hand, you’ll have the opportunity to weave through dense forests or quirky towns, draw people here, and learn more about the world around you.

2. Shotgun Farmers
– PC – Now available on steam (Early Access)


A super fun game to entertain after hours of stressful work. Belonging to the online multiplayer shooting genre, the game makes a difference when placing the arena in a field, with guns made from vegetables. If you miss, the bullet will fall to the ground, sprout and… grow another gun. The enemy can completely pick it up and shoot back, or even knock you down, just like the saying “sow the wind and reap the storm” as our grandparents taught.

3. Frostpunk – PC – April 2018
In a parallel world where humanity has to deal with the apocalypse when the ice age suddenly reappears at a time when industry has just begun. You, as the leader of the last remaining city on Earth, will have to face all kinds of “enemies inside and outside” to lead your people to survive in this situation.


Every decision has a price to pay. What legislation will you pass, will it keep your city safe and happy? You will have to protect over 700 residents, each with different names, families, and needs. Their life depends entirely on you.

4. Homo Machina – iOS, Android – 2018


Fritz Kahn, the father of Infographics, once described humans as machines with countless workers to operate. Homo Machina takes that idea, and transforms it into a super unique puzzle game that lovers of this genre cannot ignore. In the game, you will have to “operate” a “human body” that is preparing to date. How does everything go smoothly? It all depends on you.

5. Sigma Theory – PC, Mobile – 2018


In this turn-based strategy game, you will play as the head of a country’s intelligence agency. Your task is to coordinate all kinds of spies, think of ways to help them infiltrate other countries to destroy or steal information. All to help your own country become the leader in the technology race and take control of the world. The goal is extremely noble, but first of all, your biggest concern is how to keep those spies alive and complete the mission.

6. The Messenger – Nintendo Switch, PC – 2018
The beginning of The Messenger makes you think of 8-bit games of the old days. As a messenger, you are tasked with bringing a magical scroll to a distant temple. Along the way, all kinds of ghosts will find ways to get in your way, but you never give up on your mission.


If that’s all, then The Messenger is nothing special worth noting. Everything changes midway, when you are suddenly transported to…the future. The 8-bit style is converted to 16-bit, just like getting used to a black and white TV suddenly getting a 4k screen. Isn’t this enough to get you interested in The Messenger?​

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