69 types of PK in Unparalleled Arrogance 2: The pinnacle of tactics, skills to the throne

If you’ve ever played through the role-playing swordplay games on the computer, you must have had a very intense childhood with the Tong Kim battlefield. The attraction of this battlefield is to promote individual combat skills in combination with teammates. Many games imitate this battlefield, but all are not highlighted. In front of the boring homogeneity, Unparalleled Pride 2 With the same starting point as Vo Lam game maker, Kiem The, created a new breeze for Tong Kim battlefield with an interesting version of Thuc Trung.

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New way to play + improve tactics
Still know that Ngao Kiem Wu Song 2 has countless battlefields, but the battlefield of Thuc Trung still scores with players through fighting and scoring methods. Instead of killing as much as possible, the higher the score, the battlefield of Thuc Trung earns points by … stealing the flag.

The waiting yard is full of people who want to build an industry

Flags are randomly distributed on the map. Players are divided into two factions trying to capture and keep as many flags as possible, minimizing the chance of being robbed. In the end, the side with the most flags, the more points will win, and the individual points of the players in the team are also added.

Flag points are the goal of both sides

Therefore, instead of fighting individually like Tong Kim, the Thuc Trung battlefield focuses on collective and tactical play. Observing the map is a must. Just need to detect that a wing is under siege, in danger of losing the flag, they must actively disperse the guards. Or put all your strength to push 5 to 5 and lose to see which side takes more flags and knocks down the opponent’s Dai Doanh first.

The first battlefield focused on fighting for the collective

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Equally interesting, entering the battlefield of Thuc Trung, you also have to pay attention to the system of the five elements that are mutually compatible. Whichever side knows how to take advantage of this factor to distribute its forces, will easily overwhelm the opposing team.

The end of “Super sniper, Tanker eats waste”
Each battlefield in Ngoai Kiem Wu Song 2 is compatible with each sect, belonging to the five elements of mutual birth. This difference has completely broken the perception of the previous gamer community when participating in the battlefield. The winner in one battlefield is unlikely to continue to be the hero in another. Therefore, in the battlefield of Thuc Trung, the new tanker is the buffalo. Which is Shaolin, Tieu Dao or Nga My.

Previously, Shaolin was only worthy of the name “sandbag”.

The importance of these “concrete blocks” is not in the damage done to the enemy. The real task is to use the airship to roll into the enemy’s gunner formation to break the formation, and at the same time open the teamfight. Comparable in football, this trio is like virtual strikers specializing in harassing and distracting the opponent.

The Bang is now out of time in the battlefield???

Robbing the flag in addition to increasing the accumulated points for their side, the team holding the flag also receives additional positive effects such as attack power, defense force. Therefore, laning systems like Cai Bang, Vo Dang are also very good at using martial arts to stick to the flag tower, increase defense, and increase damage thanks to the buff force from the flag.


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A very different collective PK activity in the Unparalleled Arrogance

The Battle of Thuc Trung takes place only on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays. Players receive rewards according to their contribution points on the battlefield. Most of the bonus items are absolutely necessary for players to increase their strength, put their name on the gold chart. Just reach level 40, you can try, join the new monumental game in the 2D client sword game series.

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