1001 fastest ways to die in Rules of Survival

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Rules of Survival (RoS) is a game survival Popular in over 80 countries developed by NPH NetEase on mobile platform. Not only because of the drama, players are always trying to find a way to survive in the end, but also because of the humorous, ironic situations that it brings. It may be destroyed, but the mouth is still smiling. Here are a few “laughter” situations from the past week.

There are 1001 ways to die in RoS that we can’t expect, no one can expect that a bicycle can “roll” to death, and die in pain and slowly as well as kneeling with the youthfulness of a young man. cycling.


In the next situation, it was Blade01’s ninja phase, jumping down the house, realizing that the opponent had a gun first, he hid on the roof of the house and lay still to watch the person in front of him leave and wait for the opportunity to jump down and punch him from death. The player uses his shotgun.


Another situation was of player GemX on the edge of Bitter Lake, although he was the last to jump down and had no partner support, but somehow the other team’s opponents were fully armed and was punched to death by him ironically, looted items but did not have time to reload to be able to fight. He did it right with the spirit of wiping the opponent’s wind, if he can’t play, others can’t play. GemX uses Grenade to pull out the latch and rush into the opponent so that both of them can go to “sell salt”.


Surviving together in Rules of Survival every day is full of drama, but make sure you can’t close your mouth with laughter. What are you waiting for without joining the exciting battle in RoS and connecting with brothers in five continents and four pools.

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