Crossfire Legends – A full set of 13 tips to help you stay at the TOP 1 when playing survival

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To answer the above question, let’s refer to the full set of 13 tips below:

1. No need to rush out of the plane from the first few seconds. Be patient for a while waiting for everyone to jump off first so that they can cover some of their landing position.


2. As soon as you land on the ground, you should take a look around yourself to see if there is anything suspicious and then go pick up items, choose less complicated buildings to pick up and avoid melee attacks.

3. If you see that the door of the house has been opened, it means that someone has come in to get things, then you should withdraw and choose another house because. Or in case the main door is closed and you are not in a hurry to enter, there may be an ambush inside, please observe the situation through the windows. As soon as you see an enemy, immediately retreat and move to another house. There is no need to clash at this early stage.


Before entering a house, one should carefully look through the window

4. Sandstorm starts appearing after the first minute and every 3 minutes after that will spread. Pay attention to the scope of the sandstorm as well as the safe area, avoid the case of being too passionate about picking up items that fall into the blood loss sand area.


Watch out for signs of sandstorms

5. Zombie houses will have a higher chance of dropping delicious items, but do not take risks if your guns, ammunition and equipment are limited. MG machine guns will help you overcome the zombie house challenge easier.

6. Some types of vehicles, except bicycles, can destroy any target with a single fatal hit. So you should avoid open road areas if you don’t want to be knocked down by a vehicle. In case of being chased, you should run into areas with complex terrain to cut them off.


7. There are 2 main types of healing items including low healing and high healing. In an urgent situation, the type that heals a lot will be prioritized to use.


You can’t heal and move at the same time, but you can still observe your surroundings

8. The plane carrying players will have a randomly changed route at the beginning of each game: from left to right, from top to bottom, vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Usually, the scope of the safe area will also be around the flight path, so limit the choice of landing in places that are too far from the route.


9. The boxes that appear on the ground often contain a lot of useful items. You know this and so do your enemies. If you’re far away from those boxes and don’t have transportation, don’t try to exploit them. Chances are it’s a trap set by the enemy waiting for you to recharge!


Near the end of the game, any box on the ground can be a trap

10. When going through bridges or large bushes, especially the boundary of the safe area, be very careful. Don’t ignore stalking because you’re rushing into your comfort zone. Take advantage of high positions that can cover the whole scene to see if someone is peeking. Moving in a zigzag pattern, combining running and jumping, even if you can’t see the enemy, it’s hard for them to accurately aim at you.

11. Some notes when driving: do not run into the wall at high speed because it will also hurt you, the car can explode when fired, pay attention to pick up and carry fuel if you want to use it. use the vehicle for a longer period of time.


Driving your car into a wall will cause you to lose blood

12. You can carry up to 2 primary weapons and 1 secondary weapon. During an encounter with an enemy, sometimes switching weapons is even faster than pressing the reload button. So don’t wait for the reload, but change the gun to be able to shoot immediately. This tip depends a lot on the player’s feeling and experience of using a gun.


If you like to play with cars, remember to equip more fuel

13. Even if the safety board is shrinking, you do not need to rush to find the enemy to kill because it is easy to fall into an ambush trap. It is best to find a favorable position, wait patiently and constantly look around. The hasty enemies will automatically show themselves for you to score points.


When you see that the circle is narrowing and the sandstorm is spreading, keep moving calmly, paying attention to the enemy

Hopefully with the above experiences will help you easily master the game survival and always be in TOP 1. If you have more great tips, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments!

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