Super product Dog Yaksha officially revealed in Survival Heroes

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In the past few days, what gamers of the game Survival Heroes have been expecting and waiting for is a new skin that will appear in the near future. With the “half-closed and half-open” images on the official Fanpage of this game, the curiosity of gamers has reached its peak. However, for sophisticated players, it will be easy to find out that the new skin that will appear in the ecosystem of Survival Heroes is one of the characters associated with their childhood, especially with games. Player 8x and 9x.


On today, August 22, Survival Heroes’ Fanpage also officially revealed the first confirmed image of this skin, and it is not out of the expectation of many players, “Dog Da Xa” will be official. appear in this Survival MOBA game, starting on August 23 after the maintenance period.


It is known that this skin will appear with the Tie Toi weapon fashion, Kagome eye pattern, and Trap Charm. All of this content is tied to the character Dog Yaksha once popular. This fashion set will most likely be the first skin of the “national” weapon in Survival Heroes, which is the Demon Knife. The update time of this game will last from 9am to 11am tomorrow, August 23, 2019.

Of course, with this very interesting appearance, the skin of the Daksha Dog and Thiet Toai immediately received positive feedback from gamers. Most players think that this will be a “must buy” fashion set with personality and beauty. Most likely, Devil Blade will continue to be a “hot pick” in the game Survival Heroes in the near future with the presence of the super product Dog Yaksha.


Survival Heroes is the only mobile game currently combining two series of Survival and MOBA games. With unique gameplay, action-packed but also tactical, Survival Heroes makes a difference compared to most other Mobile games on the market.

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