Unique mod turns StarCraft 2 into… a horror game

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Which one of us knows StarCraft 2 is a monument of the line strategy game real time, for gamers to role-play the commander of the 3 most powerful races in the galaxy. But have you ever dared to think, dare to imagine… that one day that RTS-branded super product will become a title horror game Dark bath where the player is surrounded by hordes of undead zombies?


Exactly.. you didn’t get it wrong. Super hit by Blizzard has now transformed into a horror game that wants to pierce the player’s chest with crazy fear and extremely suffocating atmosphere. And StarCraft 2 does that thanks to the very ambitious Mod called Dead Zone – Hope Lost.


When you see Dead Zone – Hope Lost for the first time, you probably won’t know these are the images of StarCraft 2 transformed to bring horror colors. The dimly lit rooms, the crimson lights glimmering in the dark corners, the lifeless corpses suddenly standing up .. all will erase the bright image of StarCraft 2 in your mind.


Not only does it change the visuals, this Mod also takes gamers through a long story journey with 25 levels, 5 endings and a super-massive map area built on StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void. If you want to feel an atmosphere of despair and fear to the extreme, Dead Zone – Hope Lost will surely satisfy you no less than any horror game out there.


The finished version of Dead Zone – Hope Lost promises to launch later this year, but gamers can test it by downloading the Demo for free here:

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