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The 5 most dangerous forbidden techniques in Naruto

Let’s take a look at Emergenceingame.Com with 5 of the forbidden techniques – special ninjutsu that contain terrible powers that not everyone can easily possess. These forbidden techniques are likened to a double-edged sword, when the user who uses it not only overwhelms the opponent, but is also in danger or has to pay a very expensive price.

These forbidden arts are all owned by the ninja Famous legend in the ninja world.

Reincarnation (Yakushi Kabuto)


Reincarnation activated by Kabuto Yakushi’s skill. The technique was developed by Senju Tobirama and later perfected by Orochimaru. Kabuto now claims to have perfected this technique to a whole different level than his two predecessors. Reincarnation is said by Kabuto to be “the most amazing and powerful jutsu in the shinobi world” because it causes no harm to the user. However, this double-edged sword caused Kabuto to be “resisted” by Itachi when he used this technique to take advantage of his power.

Izanagi (Ten-Tails)

This is a clan forbidden art Uchiha, a combination of magic and reality. This forbidden technique has the effect of changing what happens in a short period of time, resulting in a change in current reality, but the consequences of the eye using this forbidden technique will lose its luster forever. If you are a fan of Narutoyou will immediately remember the battle between Sasuke and the sly old Danzo who possessed many sharingan eyes to perform this special jutsu.

In addition, Izanagi is also a forbidden technique created by the Sage of the Six Paths from the chakra of the Ten-Tails to form 9 giant monsters Bijuu (also known as Tailed Beasts).

God La Thien Chinh (Thien Dao)

The Art of God La Thien Chinh originates from Thien Dao, the user of this technique is Pain Thien Dao used in the battle to destroy Konoha. This forbidden technique is used on a scale with the power of mass destruction. The thrust is gathered with extremely strong intensity and spreads over a large area, when it hits the target, it will crush everything inside with a sky-shaking explosion. Like the abilities of the Heavenly Way, after using the jutsu there is a “chakra break” period in which the jutsu cannot be used.

Battle of Demons


This is a forbidden technique of the Uzumaki clan – the first sealing clan. It can be said that Corpse Demon Sealing is the strongest sealing technique in the series, capable of sealing extremely powerful opponents. To use this technique, the god of death is summoned and drains the soul of the person who is sealed. However, the price to pay is very large, that is, the soul of the user will also be sealed, which means death. Hokage III, Hokage IV and Orochimaru were the ones who used this forbidden technique.

Eight subjects of techniques

Used by teachers and students Thorn, Lee; The Eight Door Techniques is a technique that is born from eight chakra points in the body and controls the flow of chakra circulation. Opening a portal in the eight doors can give the caster a tremendous amount of power, but it can also cause serious damage to the caster.


If you are a fan of Naruto, you will remember, in the battle with Madara, Gai opened the 8th gate – the red gate and performed 2 moves Deep Elephant and Night Nga that made Madara a bit confused. Above are just 5 of the superior forbidden techniques in the ninja world.​

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