Who is PewDiePie’s fiancee that captivated the male YouTuber for 8 years?

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As Emergenceingame.Com recently reported, just now PewDiePie suddenly posted sweet wedding photos with his longtime girlfriend Marzia Bisognin on its Twitter page. It is known that PewDiePie’s wedding was held on August 19 with the participation of family and closest friends. The male YouTuber could not hide his overwhelming happiness on such an important day. He considers himself lucky to have married a woman like Marzia Bisognin as his wife.


“We’re married! I’m the happiest! I’m so lucky to live with this wonderful woman” – PewDiePie shared on Twitter.

Many fans couldn’t help but admire the enduring love and send their blessings to the couple. Besides, surely many people wonder what kind of woman PewDiePie’s fiancee is that can make our world’s second most famous Youtuber so passionate?


Her full name is Marzia Zofia Bisognin (born October 21, 1992), known as CutiePie or CutiePieMarzia on Youtube, is an Italian beauty and fashion vlogger. She mainly makes videos about fashion, makeup, and hairdo. Videos she teaches audiences to cook, make handmade jewelry and accessories, compilation videos like Q&A (Q&A), make vlogs about life around her and a column called: “Italie with Cutie” (Learn Italian with Cutie) she directly teaches audiences to learn Italian.

CutiePie has a special passion for stories, movies and all things related to the horror genre. She posted a video called “The Creepy Woman”, depicting a nightmare-filled childhood. She has a series called “Wednesday Horror Stories”, with horror stories and creative drawings of her own creation.


PewDiePie and Marzia Bisognin They started dating around October 2011 when a close friend of Marzia showed her a video of PewDiePie and was immediately attracted to his sense of humour. She then emailed PewDiePie to express her admiration. They started communicating mainly via facebook before PewDiePie flew to Italy to visit Marzia.

Marzia also went to Sweden and lived with PewDiePie for a time until 2012, when the YouTuber moved to San Paolo, Italy. There, the two lived together at Marzia’s parents’ house before they both decided to settle in England together. They have been living in Brighton for a few years now.


So after 8 years of dating, this talented couple has finally officially returned to the same house with a perfect wedding. The fans couldn’t help but admire the enduring love as well as send their blessings to the couple.​

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