VirusSs confirmed that Pewpew will stream again: ‘This career is in the blood and it’s hard to quit’

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It’s been almost half a month since PewPew officially announced that he will stop working in the entertainment industry and will no longer be a streamer, but it seems that his fans have felt extremely empty. Many people hope this time will pass quickly and PewPew will soon return to his stream work.

Recently, in a talkshow on iHay TV channel of Thanh Nien newspaper, Virus – PewPew’s close friend both in the profession and in real life has confirmed that sooner or later PewPew will stream again, because “This profession is in the blood, it’s hard to quit”.


Specifically, when asked by the MC: “Recently a streamer said that he will no longer be a streamer because of a lot of pressure, do you make your fans worry when you also think about one day taking a break from work? this streamer?”. Surely by hearing the question, everyone knows that the person the MC mentioned is PewPew. VirusSs immediately reassured fans when frankly sharing that: “You know how to count it, PewPew is my best friend, I quite understand it. It can say so at this stage, because it is immersed in a love relationship or something, or it has many personal plans. But it’s not that it doesn’t stream anymore, it will continue to stream, just through a break. This profession once infiltrated in the blood, certainly cannot be abandoned.

PewPew and ViruSs are two close friends both in business and in real life

If PewPew fans still remember, in the stream right after announcing his retirement, PewPew also shared that he will only temporarily stop streaming for the next 3 months. It is expected that by November, PewPew will return to streaming but there will be no fixed schedule. He will livestream like the period of the match, whenever he wants to livestream at that time.

With the above statements along with the affirmation of close friend VirusSs, viewers who have been following PewPew for so long can rest assured that they will definitely see their idols again on the stream, just not. just as often as before.


On the latest vlog, in addition to declaring that he will not use any fanpage on facebook anymore to avoid bad guys having the opportunity to take advantage of fake profits, PewPew also revealed one more information that he has The intention is to open a small gaming house with a few dozen machines. The main purpose is to be a place to organize game tournaments for brothers to come and exchange, as well as a place for Nubboiz and Nubboiz MadDog members (two PUBG teams that PewPew just invested in) to learn how to work, collide with life, not for business purposes, making a profit.

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