Swordplayers are overwhelmed with the graphics of Dao Hoa Sword Mobile

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With a series of popular MMO games released such as Nhat Kiem Giang Ho, Tinh Kiem 3D and Sword Ma 3D, NPH Funtap has received the love of the gaming community who love role-playing games.


Continuing the series of popular game series, Funtap continues to launch a super role-playing product with extreme graphics, the next is Peach Blossom Sword Mobile. The game has been revealed recently and will be released at the end of October.


Unlike previous role-playing games, Dao Hoa Kiem Mobile surprised the gaming community by its extreme graphics system. At first glance, players can realize this is a game with 3D graphics when every image is carefully polished, a beautiful and delicate skill system. However, this game requires extremely light configuration, with a capacity of only 400mb, which has made many gamers feel extremely surprised.


This is clearly an advantage of Dao Hoa Kiem Mobile when on the market today, role-playing games require quite heavy configuration. Although it has excellent graphics, unique skills and features, it is a concern of gamers when using a weak mobile device, draining battery capacity, overheating or having to play on mobile devices. inconvenient emulator.


The appearance of Peach Blossom Sword Mobile seems to solve all of the above problems, even the game has all the features of traditional RPGs. Besides, the graphics system is also extremely eye-catching, not inferior to any other role-playing game.
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