Startled when schools bring games to teach life skills

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From parents to teachers, almost all of them forbid their children from coming to games, with the reason that playing games will affect learning. That’s why school and game have always been two completely opposite nouns and no one could have imagined that one day they could be merged into one.

Yet in this country, many schools have boldly stood up to create a teaching model that has never been seen before in the world, one that will combine teaching and learning. play games and study onion. Yes, we are talking Digital Schoolhouse – Electronic school, where playing games will be included in the curriculum to develop life skills for students.


Contrary to what many people think when thinking about this program, Digital Schoolhouse is actually a non-profit project funded by the UK government with the goal of bringing games into teaching life skills in schools. There are already a lot of schools in the country participating, and one of the first titles to be included in the program is Nintendo’s Smash Bros Ultimate. Currently Smash Bros Ultimate is also a game with its own Esports community, so the opportunity for them to go further as a Pro Gamer is possible.

In the latest study, scientists at the Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany also demonstrated that playing video games helps the brain function better in areas related to stereoscopic orientation, shape, and shape. memory and strategic planning in humans. Therefore, the Digital Schoolhouse program will aim to develop these abilities in students, thereby proving that games are completely useful in learning as well as improving skills in general.


With gaming becoming more and more popular in society and contributing useful roles in some aspects of life, the acceptance of games in schools is a new breakthrough in developing the abilities of children. pupil. In addition, the game is also being used to treat patients with neurological disorders such as schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder or neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzeimer.

You can read the Berlin Institute for Human Development research paper here:

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