Beautiful girl Sword Emperor 3D races to show off their beauty in the event “My Nhan Dai Chien”

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Recently, Sword Emperor 3D has officially launched the event Great War Beauty with countless extremely attractive gifts for the gaming community. In particular, the prize structure with a total value of up to 200 million has really aroused the deep hidden desire of many gamers. That’s why, right after the event took place, hundreds of players registered to participate and self-nominated to become one of the Beauties of Sword Emperor 3D with the desire to own a set of gifts. value comes from BTC.

A valuable gift combo from Sword Emperor 3D has created a strong motivation for a large number of gamers.

In particular, valuable in-kind gifts such as Crystal trophy, Sword Emperor shirt and trendy Xiaomi Watch will be the prize dedicated to the top 1 of the My Nhan Dai Chien event.

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At the present time, the title of Beauty of the Sword Emperor will belong to which gamer – the results are not clear, but it is a fact that, after only a few days of launch, gamers of Sword Emperor 3D can not help but be surprised. in front of the unique beauty of the beauties that they have never known before. That’s why there is a saying “near in front of eyes but far from the horizon”, no need to go anywhere to find a bear to escape, right here at Sword Emperor 3D, beauties are full of people who still have the same hobby of playing games – can “fight”. Sword Emperor” every day with you.

Before we know who is the number 1 Beauty in this event, let’s take a look at this talented and talented hot girl group.

If it were you, out of the above faces, who would you choose as My Nhan with the most “moving heart” beauty? Let us know now. Do not forget to visit Landing My Nhan Dai Chien to be able to vote for yourself the top beauty that you think deserves the most. Along with that will be countless special attractive gifts just for you. Join now and don’t miss any giveaways!

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