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Bitter because of failure, the father Mordhau “kicked” the opponent out of the game

Released earlier this year, Mordhau is a fighting game set in the middle ages developed by Triternion. Players will take on the role of a warrior in the Middle Ages, participating in fierce battles with a hands-on experience. A rather special point in Mordhau is that more than weapons and armor, the player’s skill is the key factor that determines the winner and the loser. If a gamer is skilled enough, he can still easily defeat a fully armed opponent with just a pan or a guitar.


And that’s exactly what happened when GIRU, one of the top Mordhau players on Twitch, faced off against Crush, a Mordhau developer, in a 1v1 match. Most notably, while GIRU only owns a pan, wears a farmer’s outfit, and even uses an in-game system to spam laughter during the match, his opponent – Crush is equipped with a shirt. fully armored, accompanied by a long staff. However, with his “melancholy” skill, GIRU defeated Crush with great ease.

After the victory, GIRU smiled and said “GG.” (surrender) and just seconds later, he was suddenly “kicked” out of the match with the message on the screen “You are booted”. As a developer of Mordhau, perhaps Crush could not stand this lash and ended up choosing a toxic solution – kicking the opponent out of the game.


Not only this case, Mordhau has long been “unfortunately” famous with a toxic player community and by looking at the developer’s behavior, we can understand why. Even before, they planned to add an option so that players don’t have to see black or female characters in the game, which partly shows their heavy racist ideology. Therefore, although the combat system and the skills of the game are constantly being refreshed and improved, the number of Mordhau players has been seriously decreasing over the past few months.

Perhaps the urgent thing that developers need to do now is to change the way they manage their systems or Mordhau will die sooner or later.​

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