PewDiePie was nominated for the top 100 most handsome faces on the planet 2019

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List of 100 celebrities with the most beautiful faces in the world TC Candler and The Independent Critics have been held annually since 1990. According to the organization’s official website, this is the most recognized and respected list in the world. Every year, millions of netizens nominate and vote for a list for the new King and Queen.

By appointment again, the nominations for the list of 100 handsome faces in 2019 were officially opened on July 21. Including a face that is extremely familiar to gamers around the world, none other than the “former king of Youtube”. PewDiePie.


PewDiePie’s real name is Felix Kjellberg (SN 1989), is a streamer, vlogger from Sweden. PewDiePie’s Youtube channel attracts thanks to his extremely funny gaming videos and comments, he is also considered the most famous gamer in the world. Currently PewDiePie owns a Youtube channel with more than 100 million followers. He used to hold the record of YouTuber had the most followers in the world before being beaten by the Indian channel T Series. His videos play all kinds of games, from horror to comedy, from PC games to mobile games. It is estimated that the guy’s monthly income from Youtube is up to 20 billion VND.


Although he could not hold the position of “YouTube king” before rival T-Series, this year is still considered a successful year for our male YouTuber both in career and love. As reported by Emergenceingame.Com, on August 19, PewDiePie held a wedding with his girlfriend after 8 years of dating. Just a few days later, PewDiePie continued to add another good news, that is, this male streamer’s Youtube channel officially reached the milestone of 100 million subs, becoming the second Youtube channel in the world to achieve this achievement.


Up to the present time, turn Vote for PewDiePie currently has more than 36.4 thousand likes and 1715 comments, still quite modest compared to other stars from Korea. However, the deadline for nominations is still extended until November 30, so fans still have a lot of time to vote. With a large fan base like PewDiePie, a spectacular comeback is entirely possible.

To see which names are shortlisted and vote for your favorite face, visit TC Candler’s Instagram account at en

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