Genshin Impact strictly censors, bans the words “Taiwan”, “Hong Kong”

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Although it has only been open for testing for a few days, Genshin Impact has received enthusiastic support from both Chinese and international gamers. The game reached 17 million downloads on the mobile platform alone and earned $ 50 million in the first week of launch. The strong explosion of Genshin Impact also makes the developer take more careful steps, especially in political issues.​


Recently, freelance journalist Kazuma Hashimoto posted on Twitter a video showing Genshin Impact censoring many Chinese-related nouns such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tibet. In the chat box, all these words will be replaced with censorship characters, such as an asterisk.

On the official Genshin Impact subreddit, gamers are also complaining about the game’s censorship. Not only the places mentioned above were censored, but ordinary words like “words” or “enemies” were also replaced with asterisks.

Because the “father” of Genshin Impact is a Chinese developer, many people believe that this is a request of the Chinese government to prevent topics that adversely affect the country’s politics, “threaten the unity of the country”. national unity, China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”. Influence from the Chinese government also caused another game to close, which is Devotion. This horror game that just made a splash has been removed from all platforms for mocking Chinese president Xi Jinping, so clearly the developers will be more careful in this regard. .​



Currently developer miHoYo There are no comments on this yet. Genshin Impact is currently open for testing on PC, PS4, iOS, Android platforms and will launch on Nintendo Switch in the near future

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