Transformers director begins production of DC’s new superhero movie

Director Michael is now a name known to many movie lovers. His name is associated with many good films, especially the hit series Transformers. Although the reputation of Transformers is considered to be gradually going down, but a lot of people still believe in the filmmaking ability of Michael Bay. Recently, The Wrap reported that the film director Transformers and Bad Boys – Michael Bay is being Warner Bros. keep an eye out for the position of directing the production of the film Loboa house anti-hero character DC.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

Creator Wonder Woman – Jason Fuchs has been invited to write the script for Lobo in 2016, and it seems Michael Bay has given some of his ideas to screenwriter Jason Fuchs to rewrite. After the script is completed, the DC will show it to Michael Bay so he can decide whether to participate in the production of this film or not. If this project is approved, this is also the first superhero movie that Michael Bay has directed.


In addition, DC will also need to find an actor capable of playing a mercenary up to 7 feet tall. In 2012, “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson was targeted for the role, but he was eventually signed on to play the role. Black Adam. Movie Lobo may be the “reply” of DC for Deadpool of the 20th Century Fox because both characters have many similarities and are loved by many people. This project has been soaked for too long, when people think Lobo will never be on the screen again, it seems DC heard the hearts of the fans and started restarting the project.


Movie Lobo Based on the character of the same name by DC Comics, which first appeared in June 1983. He is not a true hero, but in fact an anti-hero. Lobo is an alien, mercenary and bounty hunter, who came to Earth to hunt down fugitives, he has blue skin, up to 2.2 meters tall with a very muscular, muscular body. . Although an anti-hero character, the comic about Lobo was very popular in the 1990s.


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