Stardew Valley released a huge Update, added a new farm

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The father of the game, the developer Eric Barone posted a screenshot of ‘s new menu Stardew Valley on Twitter, with tons of new options showing up including: new Community Center Bundles, one-year completion bonus boxes, mine rewards, and ranch anti-monster settings.

Barone tweeted: “If you are a seasoned player planning to build new farm when 1.5 comes out, i want to introduce some new features. There will be a new farm type for the first time, a sea farm, and a new advanced options menu that allows players to tweak some aspects of Stardew Valley.”


Additionally, Barone also explains that the one-year completion option involves red cabbage – a rare item that is not available in regular Stardew Valley for those with less than a year of playtime. “Currently, Stardew Valley has a bundle that requires red cabbage and you can’t get this item during the first year of playing the game, unless you meet a traveling NPC. Selecting the year 1 completion feature will ensure the appearance of red cabbage seeds.”

As for the upcoming marine farm, in general, this new type of farm works like a normal farm, all crops and crops can live on the sand. However, the player cannot use the fountain here.


Stardew Valley Update 1.5 released on PC on December 22nd and is expected to be available on consoles in early 2021

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