Shocked with the infamous plot twists in the history of the game village (P3)

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In addition to graphics or gameplay, plot It is also an important factor for a game to be appreciated. Unlike watching movies, where we passively absorb everything, games empower players to interact and make more choices. Therefore, when the truth is revealed, the mask is taken off, the villain turns out to be the one we completely trust, the feeling of shock and excitement is also raised to a new level.



Puzzle-platform indie games usually don’t need to be heavily plotted, but Braid is an exception among them. The very good use of plot-twist in the plot is a huge plus that makes the game highly appreciated.

Referring to the princess rescue game, you will immediately think of the prince who is both handsome, talented, kind, and wholeheartedly sacrificed for love. Tim – our main character made a mistake that caused the princess, who is also his lover, to be taken away by the monster. Now, the boy must enter 6 lands, corresponding to 6 levels, solve puzzles and put together the pieces to find the demon and rescue his princess. Thoughts are like the fairy tales we know, this will be a touching love story, the boy is ready to face danger to save the one he loves, but no, an unexpected turn makes everyone The players were surprised. Turns out, Tim – the hero we’ve been following for so long is actually the real villain. The princess turned out not to be caught by a monster or anything, the truth is that she had another lover and is trying to find a way to escape from Tim’s siege to be with the person she loves. What a “bloody” plot like no other!

Assassin’s Creed III


Assassin’s Creed III continues to be a testament to the saying: “Nothing lasts, everything is possible”. In this world, who is black and who is white, who is right and who is evil, who is good and who is evil, it is really difficult to distinguish clearly.

Assassin’s Creed III revolves around the story of Haytham Kenway and his son Connor Kenway, but since childhood Connor only lived with his mother in a small village. The context takes place in the years 1754-1783 when the American Revolutionary War and the underground war between the two factions Assassin and Templar are taking place fiercely. In 1760 when Connor was still a child, his village was attacked by Charles Lee and members of the Templa. At that time, Connor watched helplessly as his mother drowned in ferocious flames and held a grudge against the Templars ever since. Later, when the war between the US and British armies became increasingly fierce, the peoples were brutally suppressed by the Templars, Connor joined the Assassin’s Guild to stop their plots and protect George. Washington. Around this time, Connor reunites with his father, and the two work together to destroy the Templars.

Much of Assassin’s Creed III focuses on Assassin Connor Kenway and his fight to free the thirteen colonies from British domination. Because of working with Connor, most gamers believe that Haytham is also an Assassin, but the reality is completely opposite. Haytham is one of the leaders of the Templars, the main antagonist of the game. Later, when the truth about the old fire was revealed, it was Washington who ordered the burning of the village, not Charles Lee as Connor had always mistakenly believed. Connor’s faith in the American Revolution gradually wavered. He was also the first Assassin to suggest an alliance with the Templars, but ultimately failed to convince Haytham, leading to a father-son conflict.

Fallout 4


Fallout 4 is set in 2287, ten years after the events of Fallout 3 and 210 years after the Great War that caused catastrophic destruction across the United States. Players can choose between two male or female characters – the sole survivor after waking up in a frozen area in Vault 111, which is also an underground nuclear shelter. Witnessing his spouse’s murder and his son Shaun being kidnapped, the player’s task is to explore the ruined post-apocalyptic world, completing quests to find the child. However, in the end, gamers couldn’t help but be shocked when they discovered that the beloved son they longed for had grown up and became “Father” – the leader of the Institute, which is a secret organization. kidnapped people and replaced them with Synth – an artificial human form that looks like a real person. The dream of family reunification just like that went up in smoke.​

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