Following GTA 6, another super product leaked Gameplay

The leaked video was discovered by Reddit user iV1rus0 and shared on a subreddit called Gaming Leaks and Rumors. iV1rus0 said: “This video may come from the ongoing internal testing of Diablo 4.”


The entire leaked content is divided into two videos: one is shorter than 5 minutes and the other is longer than 38 minutes. These appear to be images from pre-alpha testing based on the lack of texture in certain objects. The video contains many watermarks with the content “Private Test Build” and a sequence of ID numbers, this will help Blizzard easily identify and deal with the person who streamed the leaked footage.

The graphical user interface (GUI) in the video is very similar to both Diablo 3 and Diablo 2. Season 4 retains the top-down camera view. The first video also shows a shop where players can use “palladium” to buy skin packs. Readers can watch two videos here.

Source link: Following GTA 6, another super product leaked Gameplay

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