Wan Dao Vo Than – Terrible MMORPG with super diverse Class and Skill

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Van Dao Vo Than, the expected game of the year, has officially been released, this is an MMORPG that takes advantage of the first half, after the testing process so far the game is officially available on mobile platforms.


The game features an eye-catching fashion system, a diverse career system, a character image with the temperament of the legendary swordsmen in the novels, with an automatic fighting system to help players save time. in leveling up. Along with that is the mechanism to beat BOSS PK battles, helping you have an extremely interesting experience.


Three occupations with separate skills include Tu La, which stands out for its close combat ability, besides the blood of this profession is quite durable in battles, each soldier of the Tu La ethnic group carries a fruit. heart fights undying, does not back down, fights to the last moment. Second is Thien Ton with close-range ability, especially Thien Ton can summon the power of heaven and earth to attack the enemy, In PK matches, Thien Ton is indeed a very dangerous career, suitable for players who love to fight.


Finally, it’s the Dao Army with the ability to summon the spirits of heaven and earth to release spells that deal damage to the enemy, in every battle this is a very good assistant, it can be said in the guild PK battles. then this is a special assistant and the chance to get a good deal is quite high.

The game is now available on mobile platforms, readers interested can download games follow the link below.

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