Neople announced the super fighting product of the DNF universe

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Recently in the Dungeon Fighter Universe Festival, the event to introduce the developer’s new games Neople and Dungeon Fighter brand, Neople has officially introduced to players the title fighting games Dungeon & Fighter Duel is good DNF Duel. This is a collaborative project between Neople and Arc System Works – developer known for top fighting games.

During the event, the developer brought a short video introducing the game’s characters and gameplay. DNF Duel features familiar faces from Neople’s hit MMO Dungeon Fighter Online. From the video, it can be seen that the characters in this fighting game have similar movements to many other Arc System Works titles such as Guilty Gear or BlazBlue.

The developer did not share details or release platform of DNF Duel, but based on the quality and reach of Arc System Works titles, fans can expect DNF Duel to released globally on platforms other than PC instead of just launching in Korea.​


In addition to DNF Duel, there are many other Dungeon Fighter Online projects introduced to players during the event such as DNF Mobile or new anime series. Just like Riot Games, it seems that Neople is looking to expand its DNF universe and certainly Arc System Works’ fighting game is the most notable name in this series of projects.​

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