Soi Big update rain gifts of super muddy Korean game Arena of Valor Magic

Gamehubvn soi big update cua game sieu lay Han quoc lien quan ma thuat 0 - Emergenceingame

If you don’t know yet Magic Alliance is a game that owns a unique, strange and extremely simple gameplay style Idle style, with a large pool of Ma Beast generals with more than 100+ Demon Beasts, continuous PK mode, Hands-free Arena – feel free to AFK still receive gifts Terrible with a series of attractive features will make you feel extremely excited when playing the Game, this will be an experience that cannot be more attractive in your spare time.

Along with the launch of this new Server, the Publisher also launched a series of extremely attractive Events for all the close players of the Magic Alliance lasting a week so that everyone can freely participate. such as: Race TOP farmers, Evolve Demonic Beasts – Receive Super Gifts, Discount Gifts, Double the value of recharge cards…

The most important of them is the launch of X-class Super Beast – The highest level of magic beast in the Magic Alliance. Super Beast X is completely superior to the remaining levels of magic beasts such as S, SS or SSS from stats to strength. With the launch of Super Beast X will help players become stronger than before to be able to complete difficult levels in the game more easily.


In addition, right after logging into the Game, players will also be given a series of gifts by NPH with a total value of up to 2,000,000 VND.


We would like to list some notable features to make it easier for gamers to decide whether to join the Magic Alliance:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Diverse general pool with more than 100+ Demonic Beasts.​

  • Players can completely comfortably AFK, go to sleep with peace of mind and still receive full gifts through the gates.​

  • Extreme weekly PvP Arena with thousands of participants.​

  • Level up, team buffs when a new creature joins the level, you are free to create and strategize to upgrade and equip the creature to compare levels.​

  • Each time you enter the Magic Alliance, you will receive a thousand gifts once…

To download and learn the game, players can access the following addresses:

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