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Dare to plagiarize the blockbuster Warcraft, the Chinese game company is sued by Blizzard

Last August 16, Blizzard Entertainment has officially filed a lawsuit Sina Gamesthe developer behind the game Glorious Saga for the crime of “copying almost all of the game series” Warcraft and related products”. Accordingly, this action has “caused serious and irreparable damage to Blizzard and its business”. For each copyright infringement, Blizzard is claiming $150,000 and the defendant must also bear all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in the course of the lawsuit.


Sina Games is a subsidiary of China Software and Technology Corporation, Sina Corp. Blizzard alleges that many of its games have blatantly plagiarized blockbuster games like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Naruto and, of course, Warcraft. In particular, the game that Blizzard named in this incident is Glorious Saga.

Glorious Saga is currently being released widely in China and other countries. In the US, the game disguises itself as Glorious World by another developer with the description on the Google Play store as: “real-time strategy game for those who want to build their own empire”. According to Blizzard’s lawyers, Sina Games has attracted thousands of people to download and make a lot of money from the title plagiarism game this.


In addition to stealing exclusive designs, many other details such as character names, background music are also blatantly copied by Sina Games. “Every monster, creature, and vehicle in the Glorious Saga is a parody of the Warcarft series. Weapons, amulets, other items are taken straight from our game without any editing. Background music, sound effects too.” Even the game’s icon is an image of a human side on one side, orcs on the other, growling at each other, just like Warcraft. According to Blizzard, Sina Games’ use of Warcraft resources was “intentional and intentional”.


Illegal game plagiarism has long been a problem, especially for studios Chinese games. Currently, Sina Games has not yet commented or responded to Blizzard’s allegations. Any new information, Emergenceingame.Com will update readers as soon as possible.​

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