Telltale Games – The “Father” of The Walking Dead has been “revived”

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In September last year, the “father” of the game series The Walking Dead suddenly announced the closing in surprise from the fans and the media. However, according to the Polygon site, the copyright of Telltale Games has been acquired by LCG Entertainment, Telltale Games also follow that to “revive”. Accordingly, the new “revival” company will sell some of Telltale Games’ products, and they will also develop new titles based on related copyrights or new Telltale Games franchises.​


With the new Telltale Games led by Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle, Ottilie expressed that a portion of former Telltele employees will be operating as freelancers, who will also later have the opportunity to rise to full-time positions. . When receiving an interview from Polygon, Ottilie confirmed that the new company still owns the copyrights of The Wolf Among Us and Batman: The Telltale series, in addition, the company also holds all rights to the Puzzle Agent series. “We’re looking at some expired franchises’ licenses.” – Ottilie added.​


According to Ottilie, the new Telltale will rearrange some previously shelved stories: “We’re still evaluating, but it’s true that we want to write some more stories.” However, according to the media’s judgment, The Walking Dead series will not be on this list. Currently the copyright of the series is in the hands of Skybound and the company has plans to release its own game.

Currently, Telltale has not disclosed the status of franchises such as Borderlands, Guardians of the Galaxy, Minecraft. We don’t know if the franchise agreements with these franchises are still available and what Telltale will do with them.​


Founded in 2004, Telltale is known for creating titles adventure game based on popular franchise characters. However, after some success with The Walking Dead series, the company began to go down due to mistakes in development and management, eventually having to announce its closure when the final installment of the popular horror series. associated with the name of the company has not yet been released. Hopefully the acquisition for “believing in the future of adventure games” by Ottilie and LCG Entertainment will revive Telltale’s glory days.​

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