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Football Manager can be considered a king football management game when bringing to the gaming community countless famous versions throughout the years. With a strong influence, Football Manager, when setting foot on Mobile, immediately affirmed its position with crazy attraction in front of virtual soccer fans.. And now when another year is about to pass, Football Manager continues to disrupt the mobile platform with a completely new version: Football Manager Mobile 2018.


Just officially set foot on the download store, Football Manager Mobile 2018 is ready for readers to enjoy by downloading the game for free directly via the link at the end of the article. With countless new improvements, the 2018 version promises to let gamers become a true leader in the hands of the most powerful team in the world.


In terms of scale, Football Manager Mobile 2018 brings teams from 17 different countries with 2 newly added domestic leagues, USA and Korea. There players can recruit a squad from 21,500 real-life players regardless of league or nationality, leaving scouts under the coach feeling busier than ever.


As a coach, players can now give specific instructions to the team and the team under them, along with a radically improved player position to help the Team carry out your intentions in a good way. best. The new charting system also allows players to track and see exactly where the strengths and weaknesses of the squad are. Above all, in each season your squad will encounter legends in the football village, thereby deciding which Team individual is honored for the year.

It’s been a long storm, it’s time for you to enjoy Football Manager Mobile 2018 by downloading the game for free directly here:

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