Link to download the latest version of the latest version of the latest version of Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK

With the latest Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK download link below, players can easily complete all missions, use money to buy items and achieve their goals in a short time.

Similar to Rent Please Landlord SimMagic Princess Makeup Mod APK is a “salvation” solution for those who do not have much time to play, you do not need to watch promotional videos but can collect the full amount, use them to increase the price Treat yourself to victory in each PK.

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Download Magic Princess Mod APK – Download Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK

I. Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK What is ?

Magic Princess Mod APK – Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK is a mod version that allows players to receive unlimited money, you can use them to change hairstyles, buy clothes, hats … and dozens of costumes Other special events to raise stats without depositing, top up the Magic Princess Makeover game card.

II. Link Download Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK

– Link to download Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK HERE

III. How to Install and Play Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK

Step 1: First you remove version Current Magic Princess Makeup.
Step 2: Load Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK from the link above.
Step 3: Click directly on the downloaded and installed file, turn on unknown source install APK file on Android if required by the system.
Step 4: Open Magic Princess Makeuptouch the screen and play.

How to install and fix magic on Android mod apk page
Also if you are also playing the hotel management game Rent Please Landlord Sim, don’t forget to enter Code Rent Please Landlord Sim that Taimienphi regularly updates in the article in exchange for rewards.

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Source link: Link to download the latest version of the latest version of the latest version of Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK

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Boom with the return of the 2nd Battle City – Yugi H5 magic card tournament

Surely for most gamers, the Tournaments professional, playgrounds that gather a large number of players…, are always a “catalyst” to create engaging experiences and an opportunity for players to assert their skills and level.
With the player Yugih5, the Battle City tournament, even though it has only been released for one season, has received a warm welcome from thousands of players. After the success from the first tournament, in response to the expectations of the player community, Yugih5 has excitedly kicked off the 2nd Battle City tournament.

Not just a big tournament.


Compared to the 1st Tournament, the 2nd Battle City promises to be more epic and professional with the competition of more than 2000 players, and a series of extremely attractive prizes including Gem, Golden Thunder Card, Void Stone. with many beautiful skins that every player wants to have.
The unique feature of this Battle City is that all players must participate in the Top 50 server race to win the right to register for the tournament. This will provide a more dramatic tournament as well as the selection of the best players, contributing to a more professional tournament. The first series is expected to take place in mid-March. Players, hurry up and enter the game, race Top to win tickets to the tournament right away!
This series of Grand Tournaments is not only a playground for competition among players, honoring excellent players, but also the enthusiasm and cherished by game operators towards building a community of cards. players grow up and can reach the heights of eSports in the future.

Exciting self-organized tournaments of the card community.
Yugih5 not only stands out for its novel game genre, top-notch tactics in each match, but also in the growing community of players. Not only are they excited about the big tournaments organized by Yugih5, the players also create their own playground and the community with amateur but equally exciting and exciting tournaments.


Yugih5 always supports gamers to their best in community building and development activities. In the coming time, in addition to honoring core and active members, the Yugih5 group will have a series of activities such as clan registration, support for players to organize tournaments, etc. to create a cohesive playground and community development.

HOT updates

  • 8/3 Rotation Event​

  • Ishizu and Mai Valentine character expansion pack​

  • Expansion Pack – Witch

  • Return gift – Welcome the player back after 7 days Offline

Enter the game now to update the HOT events and put your name on the list to participate in this 2nd Battle City Tournament!

Play now at:
Home page:

Source link: Boom with the return of the 2nd Battle City – Yugi H5 magic card tournament

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Magic card game Magic: The Gathering Arena wants to compete with Hearthstone on Mobile

When Magic: The Gathering Arena still in the testing phase of the English version of the Closed Beta, the “giant” Tencent announced the signing of a contract to release this game in the Chinese market. Magic: The Gathering Arena is the mastermind in Tencent’s plan to capture the market share of TCG (Trading Card Game) in the world’s most populous country, counterbalancing the Hearthstone of the NetEase.


Magic: The Gathering Arena appeared as a 25th anniversary edition of Magic: The Gathering. More than 17,000 cards have been created by the game studio in the development of this game since 1993. The developer Wizards of the Coast plans to continue investing in the game. Magic: The Gathering Arena eSports direction. In the future, the game will have versions for both PC, mobile and consoles.​

Game trailer.​

Some pictures from the game:

Source link: Magic card game Magic: The Gathering Arena wants to compete with Hearthstone on Mobile

Game Online

Battle City 3 – The next step in the Yugi H5 Magic Card tournament

Battle City 3 – New experience, new journey:

Go offline – Get unique souvenirs
In the near future, the Offline festival kicking off Battle City 3 Tournament will officially take place in 2 days June 9 and 10, 2018.​

  • On June 9, 2018, players will have the opportunity to try Yugih5, exchange check-in and receive attractive gifts.​

  • On June 10, 2018, the Qualifiers of Battle City 3 will officially take place in 2 areas: TP. Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang, these are 2 out of 4 locations selected to hold the Offline round.​

The next Offline festival is expected to be held on June 15 and 16, 2018 in Hanoi and Can Tho.


During the Offline Competition, the players who came to participate not only had the opportunity to show their talents, but also experienced other unique activities such as taking pictures, interacting with Hot Streamers, etc. There is no fee, but the player can also win attractive souvenirs such as t-shirts, notebooks, Yugih5 code…
Continuing the journey of the semi-professional magic card tournament, Battle City season 3 not only inherits the successes of previous seasons, but also raises the scale with many changes in organization, rules and regulations. award.

Innovation and development
Battle city 3 will take place from May 31 to June 24, 2018. This tournament promises to bring players to exciting new experiences.


Before going to the official round to win the title of Battle City 3 Champion, the players will have to go through the Qualifying Round to choose 8 excellent names to continue their journey. A special feature is that the Qualifying Round will be held Offline at 4 major locations nationwide, including:
o HCM: KingDom Next Gen – 125/5 Hoa Hung, Ward 12, District 10, HCM.
o Da Nang: Whistle Gaming – 574B Nui Thanh, Da Nang.
o Hanoi: Viking Gaming – 5th Floor, Da Nang Building, 195 Kham Thien, Dong Da, Hanoi.
o Can Tho: DK Gaming – 213 Nguyen Van Cu, An Hoa Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho.

This is the first Offline tournament held, and is an opportunity for players to interact and meet each other in real life, as well as to own extremely attractive rewards:
o First place: 20,000 Gem + Yugih5 shirt + participation in the Battle City season 3 finals.
o Second place: 15,000 Gem + Yugih5 shirt + place to attend Battle City season 3 finals.
o Third place: 10,000 Gem + Yugih5 shirt.
o Fourth place: 5,000 Gem + Yugih5 shirt.
o 5th – 16th place: Yugih5 shirt.

In order to create the best and fairest competition conditions for the players, BTC decided to provide each registered player with a separate competition account with pre-arranged decks. Players just need to choose their favorite deck and show their bravery. All will be decided by the player’s skill, and of course, there is a little bit of luck.
Currently, the registration portal to participate in the Offline Battle City 3 Qualifier is open, players should register quickly for a chance to compete and receive attractive gifts!

From a series of semi-professional tournaments to a journey into the professional eSport path.


Right from the early days of its launch, Yugih5 has oriented itself on a long-term development path with the goal of being a professional magic card tournament system worthy of eSports for the card community. The Battle City tournament is a testament to the efforts of the Executive Board on the journey of community development in the past time.

In addition to the Battle City series of tournaments, Yugih5 will soon launch a new series of tournaments such as: The King’s Journey Tournament bringing together excellent players from previous tournaments, or a magic card tournament for players. female players, Online Exchange Tournament… Hopefully, with a solid launch pad through the series of semi-professional tournaments that have been, are and are about to take place, the path to the professional world of Yugih5 will not be far away.

Don’t forget to register for Battle City 3 today!
Tournament page:
Play now at:
Home page:

Source link: Battle City 3 – The next step in the Yugi H5 Magic Card tournament

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No longer a fantasy, Yu-gi-oh’s Magic card for summoning monsters in real life


  1. No longer a fantasy in comics or movies, the Magic card in Yu-gi-oh was able to summon monsters directly in battle.

    With the fans King of GamesPicture Yugi Summon monsters with pieces magic post has been deeply imprinted in the minds of many generations. Once upon a time, when holding those cards in real life, we dreamed that one day the monsters in them could come to life and fight like what the legendary Manga shows.


    Now, that dream has come true in the tournament Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships do Konami held when the Japanese game giant equips the field with a series of advanced technology. There, the stage will be shown with a mini monster effect where the cards are laid down, fully demonstrating the effect that Yu-Gi-Oh fans used to love.


    But the main focus is on the terrorist image of the monsters standing behind the player with attack, defense and magic execution completely synchronized. That means that when one side attacks the other, the other side will receive the blow and react very vividly. Do not believe you can witness the super images of this tournament here:


    You can also watch the full tournament video here:


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Source link: No longer a fantasy, Yu-gi-oh’s Magic card for summoning monsters in real life

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Soi Big update rain gifts of super muddy Korean game Arena of Valor Magic


If you don’t know yet Magic Alliance is a game that owns a unique, strange and extremely simple gameplay style Idle style, with a large pool of Ma Beast generals with more than 100+ Demon Beasts, continuous PK mode, Hands-free Arena – feel free to AFK still receive gifts Terrible with a series of attractive features will make you feel extremely excited when playing the Game, this will be an experience that cannot be more attractive in your spare time.

Along with the launch of this new Server, the Publisher also launched a series of extremely attractive Events for all the close players of the Magic Alliance lasting a week so that everyone can freely participate. such as: Race TOP farmers, Evolve Demonic Beasts – Receive Super Gifts, Discount Gifts, Double the value of recharge cards…

The most important of them is the launch of X-class Super Beast – The highest level of magic beast in the Magic Alliance. Super Beast X is completely superior to the remaining levels of magic beasts such as S, SS or SSS from stats to strength. With the launch of Super Beast X will help players become stronger than before to be able to complete difficult levels in the game more easily.


In addition, right after logging into the Game, players will also be given a series of gifts by NPH with a total value of up to 2,000,000 VND.


We would like to list some notable features to make it easier for gamers to decide whether to join the Magic Alliance:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Diverse general pool with more than 100+ Demonic Beasts.​

  • Players can completely comfortably AFK, go to sleep with peace of mind and still receive full gifts through the gates.​

  • Extreme weekly PvP Arena with thousands of participants.​

  • Level up, team buffs when a new creature joins the level, you are free to create and strategize to upgrade and equip the creature to compare levels.​

  • Each time you enter the Magic Alliance, you will receive a thousand gifts once…

To download and learn the game, players can access the following addresses:

Source link: Soi Big update rain gifts of super muddy Korean game Arena of Valor Magic

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Using the “blood sucking magic palm” move, the famous game was thrown by the whole village and threw stones in the face

Like EA, 2K Games It is also the game company that is most “brick and stone” by gamers because of its horrible pickpocketing tricks. For a studio to exist and develop, money is of course very important, but everything has a limit, once a developer is too greedy, not from all tricks to suck the blood of gamers, a bitter ending is inevitable. weakness occurs. Having faced the “rain” of criticism time and time again, it seems that 2K Games has not changed and the next victim is NBA 2K20 – title basketball game Brand new from the company.


Launched less than a week, but what NBA 2k20 received now is just complaining words, angry angry attitude of gamers. With a variety of trade sucking blood in the game, fans are chanting to “take down” the game by dropping a bunch of negative reviews on Steam. At the time of writing, only 16% of reviews are positive – a record low number for a game that was once highly anticipated.


Transactions are so much that many say that NBA 2K20 is more like a casino that specializes in asking for money from gamers instead of a true sports game. Steam reviews were filled with harsh criticisms such as: “Versions NBA 2K CZK worst I’ve ever played”, “10/10 points. They made basketball the best casino game on Steam,”…

In fact, NBA 2K20 isn’t the only game that includes in-game casino-like purchases. Before that, GTA 5 also released a Casino, where players use money to perform gambling activities, but Rockstar is very skillful in “suck blood” of gamers, not giving them the feeling of “benefiting”. use” ​​as in NBA 2K20.


Not only NBA 2K20, previous versions of the NBA 2K series have also faced a lot of criticism for similar problems. Chief NBA 2K18 and 2K19 are both receiving “Mostly Negative” reviews on Steam. Before the harsh reaction of fans, 2K Games has not yet commented on this. NBA 2K20 was released on September 5 for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.​

Source link: Using the “blood sucking magic palm” move, the famous game was thrown by the whole village and threw stones in the face


The latest Code of Ancient Ancient Magic God Ma

If you are looking for the latest Ancient Ancient Codes to pursue your ideals, eliminate demons or save sentient beings, the answer is right in this article, Taimienphi will guide you through the steps to enter. Ancient Code of Ancient Magic God Ma and redeemed for rewards.

On the path of cultivation, you will surely encounter many strong demons and experience many dangerous tribulations Ancient Code of Ancient Magic God Ma Next to the support, one step helps you to be powerful in all directions.

1. Introducing the game Ancient Legend of Magic God Ma

Ancient Ancient Legend of God Ma is a vertical-screen Tu Tien-themed mobile game on Android and iOS, the game possesses high-quality 2D graphics that brings you to the world of Tien Hiep full of demons, with the extraordinary energy of You stand up and turn the situation around to take the right foot for the world.

2. Outstanding features of the game Ancient Tradition of the Gods Ma

– Vertical screen theme role-playing game
– Simple gameplay, built-in hands-free AFK mode
– Freedom to explore wild roses
– Many favorite mythological characters
– Extremely high drop rate of magic and sacred items
– Give away VIP, KNB and 1000 free spins

The code can be used for transmission

Synthesize the latest Code of Ancient Ancient Magic Than Ma Mobile

3. Why must enter the Code of Ancient Ancient Ky Than Ma game?

Enter the Code of Ancient Ancient Magic Than Ma to receive a free VIP level, this offer helps you to participate in more activities, unlock some more functions that only VIP can use, and also get more:
– Receive God General Na Tra
– Get Summon Tickets
– Get Tien Ngoc, Tien Linh, Son Hai
– Get Free Spins

4. Latest Ancient Ancient Code List

– SSS727
– vip666
– vip777
– vip888

– vip999
Taimienphi is updating the new Ancient Ancient Code here

5. How to enter Ancient Code of Ancient Magic God Ma

* Request:
– Character reaches level 80 and above.
– Completed or passed stage 14 or higher

Step 1: On the main interface select Immortal Welfare =>Activation code.

normal code can be used for communication

Step 2: Import Ancient Code of Ancient Magic God Mapress Take.
Step 3: Go back to the main screen, go to Letters.

Enter the code to be able to use it

– Receive rewards for exchanging code for the game Ancient Tradition of Magic God Ma

giftcode is often used for communication, thank you

6. How to get a new Ancient Ancient Code
Participate in events and events at NPH’s affiliated websites to receive more Ancient Ancient Ky Than Ma Codes, each code has a certain amount of different gifts.
– Homepage Ancient Tradition Miracle God Ma
– Facebook Fanpage of Ancient Tradition Ky Than Ma
– Group Upper Ancient Tradition Ky Than Ma
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened – The official game Harry Potter suddenly revealed Mobile

Today, Warner Bros Entertainment and “big man” NetEase announced their latest collaborative product, delivering a new IP-based mobile experience Harry Potter. With the title Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, this will be a card game with RPG elements. The content of Magic Awakened takes place a few years after the Second Wizarding War, in which the player takes on the role of a new student enrolled at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hogwarts. Players can participate in magic matches, but the difference here is that they will not use wands, but instead their own decks of cards.


Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is in the pre-registration stage in China, and there is no specific information about the launch date of the foreign server. The game also launched in China under the release of Portkey Games, a trademark of Warner Bros Entertainment, the company that manages IP Harry Potter’s video game business. Follow Emergenceingame.Com for the hottest Harry Potter: Magic Awakened news!

Source link: Harry Potter: Magic Awakened – The official game Harry Potter suddenly revealed Mobile

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The cult magic card game suddenly launched the standard version of Diablo


Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios just revealed the first gameplay of Magic: Legendsthe new free action MMO RPG based on the popular strategy card game – Magic: The Gathering. It’s time for Magic and MMO Action RPG fans to become Planeswalkers and rescue the universe from the most terrible threats. Players will explore some of the Magic franchise’s most iconic universes, collecting the mana and power-hungry spells needed to overcome enemies in battle.

This action-packed MMO features fast-paced combat inspired by Magic: The Gathering. Magic: Legends will officially launch globally on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2021. Magic: Legends beta test phase will begin next spring. The first demo will bring up two Planeswalkers, the Earth-shaking Geomancer and the Mind Mage with psychic powers.

An ancient force lurking in the shadows is about to rise to threaten the existence of the entire universe. Players will experience the power of being Planeswalkers as they discover exciting spells and strategies that create the perfect skill sequence with balanced attack power to control the match. While exploring the massive universes from the lore of Magic: The Gathering, players will battle many iconic characters and famous legendary creatures from the original card game.


Main features include:

Become the Planeswalkers – Players can choose from five different classes and switch between different Planeswalkers at any time.

Create your own gameplay – Players need to cross many different maps to save the universes, but they have the right to choose their own path.

Control chaos – Control chaos in real-time combat. The selection of spells to use requires strategy, as spells will be used randomly during attacks.


Collect and Upgrade – Players will discover countless spells and collect magic shards to become stronger.

Let’s fight together – Players can travel to the maps in Magic: Legends alone or with up to two other Planeswalkers.

Here’s a closer look at the first two classes announced in Magic: Legends:


Geomancer Rely on the power of the Earth to defeat enemies at close range with attacks from rocks and lava. In addition, Geomancer also uses stone shields to absorb blows that can stun other Planeswalkers. Geomancers can summon creatures such as elves, kavu, and earth elements.


Mind Mage personification of intellectual power. These are Planeswalkers that focus on psychic powers, they can fight enemies from a safe distance, control attacks with telepathy, and hold off dangerous enemies with sleep spells or hypnosis.

Readers can register to participate in the beta test here.​

Source link: The cult magic card game suddenly launched the standard version of Diablo

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Bringing magic to the world of Battle Royale, Spellbreak reaches 2 million players in just 5 days of launch

Spellbreak – game title Proletariat development and release is the recent up-and-coming star in the village Battle Royale. As soon as it opened for testing, the game was marked by a style similar to the super product Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and innovative gameplay that combined the hit Battle Royale gameplay with magical elements.

Spellbreak retains the traditional elements commonly found in other Battle Royale games such as the parachute screen at the beginning of the match and the circle. However, the game has an additional element RPG, allowing players to choose their favorite class. At the beginning of the game, the Steam player will choose 2 types of spells to develop in the game and unleash these spells through the gauntlets.​


Spellbreak’s magic gloves have many different types such as ice, fire, wind, electricity … the developer confirmed that there are currently 11 different types of magic gloves in the game. Different elements when combined together will create unexpected effects that players cannot predict. In particular, each magic system will include 1 passive skill and 3 other skills that can be leveled up during the game.​


With a new gameplay, it is not difficult to understand when Spellbreak attracts so many players. According to the official Twitter of the game, after 5 days of launch, Spellbreak has had 2 million plays, total watch time on Twitch up to 1.7 million hours. This is a positive achievement for Spellbreak and the developer Proletariat. Currently Spellbreak is being released on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms (released via Epic Games Store).

Source link: Bringing magic to the world of Battle Royale, Spellbreak reaches 2 million players in just 5 days of launch

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Magic: Legends – Diablo-style action RPG is officially Open Beta on PC

Recently, Perfect World Entertainment and developer Cryptic Studios announced the release of Open Beta give Magic: Legends on Arc Games and Epic Games Store. For the first time, millions of players from all over the world will be able to experience the game Action RPG free in the popular Multiverse of Magic: The Gathering universe.

Magic: Legends is a unique game that combines Diablo style with a special role-playing game that has created a different magic experience for gamers. Players participating in the stage test Play as a powerful Planeswalker, wielding magical energy, and travel across five diverse regions to collect over 175 different magical energies and 170 pieces of strategy game-inspired gear. origin.

5 classes in Magic: Legends.

Magic: Legends will take longtime fans of Magic: The Gathering on a journey to explore the Multiverse. After choosing one of the five Planeswalker classes (Geomancer, Mind Mage, Beastcaller, Sanctifier and Necromancer), the player will be transported to different famous regions of the original game such as: Innistrad, Tazeem, Benalia, Shiv… While Exploring these places, players need to collect artifacts, equipment, and magical energies that will be used to help them build a powerful attacking deck.

Currently, the test version of Magic: Legends is only for PC, although it is expected that the game will be available on PS4 and Xbox One platforms, but the information has not been determined. Magic: Legends will be officially released this year.

Readers can experience the Open Beta HERE.

For more hot news about the game, readers can Like and Follow Fanpage:

Source link: Magic: Legends – Diablo-style action RPG is officially Open Beta on PC

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V Rising: Where players awaken as a vampire in a gothic open world full of magic


V Rising is an open world survival game with a vampire theme by Stunlock Studios. Today, the developer announced a Question & Answer version that answers gamers’ questions about the Beta version expected to be released later this year of V Rising on PC (via Steam). Through answers from the studio, fans will gain a deeper insight into the dark but wonderful world of V Rising.

Coming to V Rising, players will be awakened as a vampire, but much weakened after decades of deep sleep and survival in a world full of dangers. Of course, as a vampire, you need to hunt for blood in the surrounding neighborhoods to regain your strength and quench your thirst. Players can build and customize castles, invite other players to join the clan, and convert humans into servants to expand your own empire. In addition, V Rising also features real-time PvP and PvE battles for players to compete for the top spot in the world.

For more hot news about the game, readers can Like and Follow Fanpage:

Source link: V Rising: Where players awaken as a vampire in a gothic open world full of magic

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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened – Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry prepares to enroll students in Southeast Asia


After 2 years of successful launch in China, NetEase Games and Interactive Entertainment have decided to open more servers in Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea in the second half of 2021 on both PC and Mobile platforms.

Co-developed by two giants of the gaming industry, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a game that combines the two genres of tactical role-playing and card-collecting in a magical world at Hogwarts. Launched from 2019 in China, Magic Awakened received a lot of positive feedback from gamers, since then the developers have decided to open more servers in new regions so that more players can experience his world. Baby witch more.

In the game, players will be able to participate in events inspired by the original series and learn spells in the form of cards like a real wizard. From “Expecto Patronum” to “Acromantula Venom”, these cards, along with a variety of charms, potions, and more, can all be used directly in battles at the right moment to counter and defeat your opponent. With a fun and engaging storyline, gamers will gradually get used to the pace of the game before entering the much more challenging and tactical PvP arena.


Set one year after the Second Wizarding War, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened invites players to embark on a journey to become an illustrious wizard in their own magical world. First, the player will receive an owl letter to get to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Hogwarts, then experience special events such as boarding the Hogwart’s Express from Platform 9¾, the Sorting Hat team to divide the House, play Quidditch as well as chat, learn new spells according to the story with familiar characters like Harry, Ron and Hermione. Depending on your own playstyle and skill preparation direction, you will develop according to your individual strengths and become a unique wizard in your own way.

For more hot news about the game, readers can Like and Follow Fanpage:

Source link: Harry Potter: Magic Awakened – Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry prepares to enroll students in Southeast Asia

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Yugioh has a new game – Let gamers collect 10,000 magic cards

Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel will be released for free. Card Game new of Konami aim to reproduce all the TCG (Trading Card Game) rule sets in a single game. The developers have revealed a few new details about the upcoming release along with a gameplay trailer for the game.


According to the description of the new YouTube trailer, Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel will include the Official Yu-Gi-Oh TCG and OCG (Official Card Game) Rules, offering a free, new and Exciting for players with matches beautifully presented on the latest gaming system. Master Duel will launch to global players on Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.


Players can unlock over 10,000 magic cards in Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel. However, some cards require certain conditions to unlock such as participating in a limited event or paying a fee. The good news is that the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card is one of the cards given.

Source link: Yugioh has a new game – Let gamers collect 10,000 magic cards

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Card game Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is open for early registration

Warner Bros. Games and NetEase recently announced that Harry Potter: Magic Awakened – free card game (CCG) of the genre MMO there is a combination of RPG strategy – will launch worldwide in 2022. And starting February 11, players in the Americas, Europe and Oceania can pre-register for an account on Google Play. Pre-registrants will receive a notification when the game launches with exclusive rewards.


Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is co-developed and published by Warner Bros. Games and NetEase Games. The game will launch globally later this year on iOS and Android under the brand Portkey Games, a company dedicated to bringing new mobile and video game experiences based on Wizarding World, helping players create their own adventure. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is an online card game where players immerse themselves in a deeply tactical journey and beautifully rendered in a unique visual style.

The game is a product of the talents of the two giants of the gaming and entertainment industry. Both companies have collaborated on every aspect of development to ensure that the wizarding world is accurately sketched, from the initial concepts and art design, to the plot and overall game system. body.


Harry Potter: Magic Awakened launches in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan in September 2021. The title is the biggest mobile game to launch in 2021, topping the App Store charts in the regions above. and lead the sales of newly released mobile games globally. Pre-registration and Closed Beta for players in the rest of Asia will take place later this year.


Source link: Card game Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is open for early registration

PC Gaming

From the Pi craze, a look back at free-to-play games and the magic of “nothing to lose”

Joining the game for free now does not cost anything, but gamers have absorbed that lesson for a long time.

Pi coin is popular with many people because participating in it costs nothing and has the opportunity to earn money, but for gamers, the “nothing to lose” lesson of the free to play game has given them a lot more vigilance. Let’s review the magic of “nothing to lose” through the free game lesson (Free to Play or F2P)!

It can be said that F2P games are a great invention for game makers. It offers an unbeatable price for gamers when they enter the game: 0 dong! You have nothing to lose by participating in an F2P game, no one collects money to buy games like before, and there is no monthly subscription contract like old online games. Just create an account and jump in.

From the Pi craze, a look back at free-to-play games and the magic of "nothing to lose"

Nowadays, everywhere I go, I see the phrase Free to Play

But at a certain stage, gamers wake up startled and realize they have lost a lot, sometimes more than the standard price of 60 USD (nearly 1.4 million VND) for an AAA game. By now, after more than ten years of existence, everyone must know the true face of F2P and really the “nothing to lose” is just a front.

F2P games have always been designed so that players are forced to deposit money and the more they are hooked, the more “hard” the deposit becomes. From small items less than 10,000 VND to a very valuable item up to 1,000,000 VND or 600,000 VND for 10 turns. The player, once bitter, is to empty the bag to “dry the blood” to get what he wants.

From the Pi craze, a look back at free-to-play games and the magic of "nothing to lose"

Want to be strong? First load

There’s plenty of room to hit and keep players motivated to top up. Racing for power is a common aspect of mining. Players will become weaker and out of breath if they do not recharge, the higher the level, the stronger the monster and have to spit something out to increase the character’s equipment. Most of the mobile role-playing games use this to stimulate players to take advantage of the arms race.

Gacha is a newly discovered mine of F2P. The game will be beautifully designed, with extremely flashy characters or a collaboration product with big brands. The goal is for players to spend money to collect as much as possible for their own “waifu” or “husbando” through the form of lootboxing. Legendary names can be mentioned such as Fate/Grand Order, Onmyouji, Honkai Impact 3 and the latest Genshin Impact.

From the Pi craze, a look back at free-to-play games and the magic of "nothing to lose"

Game Gacha always has extremely attractive characters

And there is an even smoother form of money mining that some mobile games do, which is running ads. Many entertaining casual games on platforms like Google Play or Apple Store provide players with a product that is both beautiful and quality for free. But you have to spend money to buy diamonds to cover in-game purchases or if you don’t have money you will watch an advertisement in exchange.

This method takes advantage of even the poorest gamers, by turning them into machines to plow advertising views and collect money for producers. Ad networks like Google Ads will cover the cost of gaming on behalf of players. Anyway, it has less impact on the player’s pocket than other ways.

Will Pi be a new F2P game?

Now we will predict in what ways Pi Network or the Pi digital currency that is becoming a trend today will profit from users! With a special perspective from gamers, and looking at Pi as a game we will see many interesting things.

From the Pi craze, a look back at free-to-play games and the magic of "nothing to lose"

Greetings when joining Pi Network

Start by convincing users to lose nothing, every day just open the phone to receive money that they accumulate automatically. You can associate it with hands-free F2P games (Idle Game), but of course the Pi won’t tempt you to top up like the traditional way. You will give the producer the same resources to make money but watch ads in exchange for diamonds.

The first is your demographic data, Facebook has taken a lot of work for you to declare your real name, country, phone number … and use it to increase the accuracy of your ads. To you it is “nothing to lose”, but that data warehouse is extremely expensive if owned in the number of hundreds of thousands to millions of people. The scandal between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica has shown the value of such seemingly “nothing” information.

From the Pi craze, a look back at free-to-play games and the magic of "nothing to lose"

Users are required to declare their real name, Facebook and phone in order to withdraw Pi

Pi Network requires you to declare all of the above with a threat or it will be difficult or even impossible for you to withdraw your Pi number.

The second source of revenue is advertising, experts after reverse decoding Pi’s source code have said that there is code that runs ads. This shows that Pi is likely to promote the display of ads in the app and collect money, not only limited to simple ads when opening the app every day, but there may be many other ways to plow ads. You will lose nothing but provide 1 view for the ad and Pi will receive that money from the advertiser. Or they can go even further and pay Pi for the ads you click to view.

Of course you do not lose anything, just spend a little time making zombies see ads for others to profit.

The magic of billion-dollar ideas

The F2P game thought to have nothing to lose with revenue of billions of USD in 2020. In the ranking of the top 10 F2P games with the largest global revenue in 2020, King of Glory ranked first with 2.45 billion USD. You “have nothing to lose” but the game maker pocketed billions of dollars, have you ever wondered where that money comes from?

From the Pi craze, a look back at free-to-play games and the magic of "nothing to lose"

Top 10 F2P games with the highest revenue in 2020 (Source: Super Data)

This article is not to “expose” the Pi nor advise you to participate or not. Through this article, I just want to inform you about a magic in how game developers make money from gamers (and Pi). Sometimes you are cleverly persuaded by them to pay, sometimes you are used by them as an intermediary to “plow the view” of advertising and they still collect money, it only takes a few seconds to see a piece of advertising. fox. It can be seen as a win-win cooperation. It is truly a miracle.

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Create MAGIC images with simple Photoshop

With the guide to creating magic images with Photoshop in this article, will show you the magic of using Photoshop that only Photoshop can do, moreover, how to create magic images in Photoshop is very simple. Simple, easy to implement and immediately applicable.

If you hear the name creating magic images in Photoshop Surely you will think this is a complicated trick that requires Photoshop users to have high expertise. But actually the way to create magic images in Photoshop is so simple and effective that you don’t expect it. To attest to that will use Photoshop to teach you how to create magic images in Photoshop right now.

I'm crazy in photoshop

Create magic photos in Photoshop

How to create magic photos in Photoshop

– For all operations to be most accurate with our tutorial on creating magic images in Photoshop, recommends using the latest version of Photoshop here, download Photoshop.

Step 1: Open a new file, we click File >new to create a new file or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + FEMALE.

I'm crazy in Photoshop, don't cheat 2

Step 2: Here you choose by scale is 500 width and 250 length. All other parameters you keep as shown in the picture.

I'm so mad at Photoshop, don't cheat 3

Step 3: A new file appears, click anywhere press (select Text – write text) and enter whatever you want, here specifically the content you want to display (title).

I'm so mad at Photoshop, don't cheat 4

Step 4: Don’t forget right after or come in window >Character to enable this tool up.

I'm crazy in Photoshop

Step 5: Now you can set the font and font size here to be as pleasing to the eye as possible.

I'm so mad at Photoshop, don't cheat 6

Step 6: Do the same as the text above, but this time you adjust it a bit differently to create a magic image in Photoshop.

I'm so mad at Photoshop, don't cheat 7

Step 7: That is, change the color of the text below to a solid color with the Character tool activated earlier.

I'm crazy in photoshop

Click on the section Color then tick white and confirm OK is to be.

I'm crazy in photoshop

Step 8: Here you will see that even if it is blacked out, it is impossible to see the changed text.

I'm so mad at Photoshop, don't cheat 10

Step 9: Click on that discolored text layer and adjust Opacity from 100% to 20% Please.

I'm crazy in Photoshop, don't cheat 11

Step 10: Then you double click on Layer 0 to remove the lock for it.

I'm sorry, I've lost my mind in Photoshop 12

Step 11: Then press Ctrl + A and delete the entire background layer will be as shown below.

I'm so mad at Photoshop don't cheat 13

Step 12: Creating magic images in Photoshop is almost done, now you just need to export the file by selecting File >Export >Save for Web (Legacy).

I'm so mad at Photoshop don't cheat 14

Step 13: Here you choose PNG-24 and remember to tick Transparency.

I'm so mad in Photoshop, don't cheat 15

After reviewing the overview, you just need to click save to proceed with the final step of creating magic images in Photoshop to save the file.

I'm crazy in Photoshop, don't cheat 16

Step 14: Now try sending the last picture to your friend to see.

I'm crazy in Photoshop

You will see that the image only shows the displayed text, right, but when you click on it:

I'm crazy in Photoshop, don't cheat 18

It will look like this, so we have finished creating magic images in Photoshop.

I'm crazy in Photoshop, don't cheat 19
Creating magic images with Photoshop is a simple trick, although the steps are quite long, most of them are basic steps that even basic users can do. There are many good and attractive tips that would like to introduce to readers about Photoshop and how to use it. But before that, readers need to know and be familiar with Photoshop shortcuts, Photoshop keyboard shortcuts extremely important for beginners or for those who really want to master Photoshop.

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PC Gaming

Spellbreak, a battle royale game that blends magic with explosive explosions

Spellbreak is the new battle royale title – but don’t confuse it with other games of the same genre. Take a look at the game trailer video below, you will definitely like the fantasy drawings, with the characters possessing magical attacks, which can be combined to create explosive fireballs.

These spells are created from the magic gauntlets that the character wears, depending on their class. There are a total of 11 classes that deal different types of damage – now we have fire, ice, electricity, stone, wind, and poison. Best of all, you can combine them, create a poison cloud, and then shoot fire to create a firestorm. Here is an example clip of the combination of fire and poison.

via Gfycat

Each glove has primary and secondary hit picks. For example, the poison gauntlet’s main attack is to focus on spraying poison, while the second attack unleashes a large poison bomb.

The effects of the moves are very eye-catching, creating epic moments in the battlefield. Each class has a passive move and three scrolls that you can level up during your battle to increase your power. For example, the passive pyromancer allows the player to respawn with 50% after being killed for the first time, while the self-healing scrolls with fire create flames that burn when cast.

The game is currently in pre-alpha, and you can sign up here. Spellbreak doesn’t have a release date yet. If you want to learn more about the game, visit the imgur page of the developer Proletariat Games, where they update information about the game.

Source link: Spellbreak, a battle royale game that blends magic with explosive explosions

PC Gaming

Songs of Conquest: Strategy adventure game inspired by Heroes of Might & Magic 2

Songs of Conquest is a ‘classic strategy adventure’ game inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic II (1996).

Songs of Conquest was announced at the PC Gaming Show’s E3 2019 with a top-down world map trailer. The game will launch at the end of 2020, and if you can’t wait, you can sign up for the closed alpha version on the game’s website.

On the website, the Q&A section also confirmed some gameplay features: turn-based gameplay, where players take control of powerful wizards called Wielders who take on the role of Hero in HOMM. Mages will direct troops in battle, explore the world under your command, and use a source of magical energy called ‘the essence’ to cast spells.

Like HOMMs, wielders will help you build your kingdom: find treasures, complete quests, and engage enemies. To best equip your army, you need to optimize your tactics and construction order.

Source link: Songs of Conquest: Strategy adventure game inspired by Heroes of Might & Magic 2