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PUBG brand is being taken advantage of by spam games on Steam

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – the most famous name in the world gaming community in the past few months. Everyone PUBGthe house of PUBG, but wait, there are still names similar to PlayerUnkn1wn: Friendly Fire, Player Unkn4wn: Zombie or Battle Pixel’s Survival, etc., just by looking at them, you can tell that these names are following PUBG. blatant way.


The above are just a few names that have plagiarized the PUBG brand in the past few months, and these games automatically appear on the Store of PUBG. Steam without having any problems. Is it because Valve is too busy with its “blood-sucking” plans that have let loose the copyright approval process for the games uploaded to their Store.

It’s also difficult for Valve when the game publishers are now more and more mischievous. Just search on the Store with keywords similar to PUBG and you can find a bunch of “bim bim” games.

Searching for “player unknown” is a list of “unknown” games according to

But the most mischievous case is the game “Battle Pixel’s Survival”. Try searching with the keywords closest to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds “pubg” and “player unknown battleground”, and guess which candidate will appear in front of you.

Different keywords but same result

How can Battle Pixel’s Survival do this when the name of this game almost does not contain any words similar to the original name of PUBG? That’s because the publisher of this game has bypassed Steam’s search engine by stuffing the Description Game with PUBG-related phrases such as “multiplayer”, “unknown”, “battle ground”. Further, out of the 5 games that this publisher released, there are 4 games with similar descriptions and names: Battle Pixel’s Survival, Two Draw, Pixel Day: Gun Z and Pixel Z: Gun Day. This easily confuses gamers with PUBG and the survival zombie game DayZ.

This situation is happening quite commonly and if Steam does not take measures to improve, it will cause damage not only to mainstream game publishers but also to their own reputation in the eyes of gamers. Not many people can distinguish between fake games and quality games in this chaotic game market.

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