Review State of Decay 2 – Zombie survival game worth the expectation?

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State of Decay 2 Ultimate version has reached PC and Xbox gamers over the past week, with new zombie designs, unexpected encounters and an entire population to take care of. If only in terms of content, State of Decay 2 There are many advantages to becoming an attractive game.


GameSpot review page State of Decay 2 gives an overly realistic feeling of survival after a zombie apocalypse. It is an endless series of days of hunting for food, resources to make weapons, facing the horror of the countless undead wandering around.

The game retains the “people” option at the beginning of the game like the previous part. Each gamer gets to choose 3 pairs of people to start a new life, with a little descriptive information about each person. The plot of each character does not affect the storyline, but it is the player’s choice of people that will determine the place where the game begins.

The choice for the survival group is to fight the development of a disease called Blood Plague. The difficulty of each sub-mission will increase over time, forcing the player to stop and reorganize the team before continuing the action. Some missions force gamers to face hordes of zombies that appear constantly, while the most “convenient” weapons such as burning bottles have almost no effect.

State of Decay 2 significantly adding content to the task of keeping “people” alive, constantly reminding gamers to make gamers feel that they have to spend a significant amount of time to maintain daily life. However, the fact is that the time to perform the task is not long enough to run out of food, gamers only need to hunt for more materials when they need to create something to use. This somewhat wasteful setting makes gamers feel no weight in each decision-making.


The quality of the fights is not as flexible as fighting games, but it is still considered enough, especially with the horrible sound effects emitted by the zombies when the character decides to use weapons. melee weapons. Strong opponents like the Juggernaut are considered interesting highlights.

However, the effort in building the content of State of Decay 2 was betrayed by poor image quality and numerous bugs. Game review sites State of Decay 2 runs badly, even on Xbox One X. The number of frames per second often drops below 30. As a result, the freezes are often annoying during the experience. Thunder appears to create effects but in reality looks quite rich and boring. When the character moves, the surrounding image is easily blurred into black spots.


State of Decay 2 there are a lot of bugs, typically zombies going through the environment or getting stuck in a certain area. If the character moves too quickly by means of vehicles, he may suddenly encounter a bunch of zombies “falling from the sky”. Physical performance is not good, or sometimes the “people” who are accompanying suddenly… disappear.

With a pretty bad performance right from the first day of release, State of Decay 2 received mixed reviews from international game sites.

GameSpot rated State of Decay 2 only 5/10 points

Kotaku praised the sandbox quality of the game and the careful exploitation of the survival factor, but did not give a specific score.

IGN gives 7.5/10 points

Daily Dot rated “seems to be deceived by this game” and gave it 3/5 points.

On the contrary, the Destructoid site still gives 8/10 points despite admitting “this isn’t a perfect game” and noticing a lot of bugs.

GamesRadar rated 3.5/5 points

Polygon does not give a specific score, but only reports the game

Finally, Eurogame thinks that gamers should not play State of Decay 2 because “bugs are the last remaining emotions”.​

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