Sword Ma 3D: Check out the top prizes in the series of events in the Giang Ho Tu Quyet tournament

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After more than 1 month of companionship, also a series of exciting tournaments Sword Ghost 3D Official launch, event Jianghu Tu Jue attracted a large number of players to participate and support. This is an extremely interesting playground with a very valuable prize level that gamers of Sword Ma 3D cannot miss.


The Best – The Greatest Grandmaster

The inter-server battle top racing tournament officially kicked off on the launch day of Sword Ma 3D. Immediately the tournament attracted a lot of new players of the game, the battle in the Otherworld is considered a very important highlight with an extremely attractive reward level.

The reward for TOP1 is the Unicorn gold peak specially crafted by NPH Funtap, along with ingame rewards such as unicorn gifts, gems and arrogant weapons.


Nhi Tuyet – PK Luan Hoa Son King’s Sword

Nhi Tuyet tournament is an extremely attractive top racing event over the Hoa Son pass in the form of the shortest time competition when crossing the border. This is a race on the unique PvE map of Sword Ma 3D that any gamer can participate.


In addition to the top gold Kim Quy reward for TOP 1, there are also ingame gifts such as Y Phuc Xich Nguyet, Phap Linh Breaking Army and Qi Linh Seven Tinh.

Tam Tuyet – Flying Dragon at Thien and the competition of Song Kiem Uyen Uong

These are the two tournaments that have received the most attention recently with the form of 1vs1 PK showing skills. Along with that, there is a unique 2vs2 form of lovemaking for couples, competing for good coordination through which to find a soulmate.

The prize of Tam Tuyet is the golden peak of Kim Long, the symbol of the lord of all species, worthy of the person with the highest skill to conquer the Tam Tuyet tournament. The tournament’s ingame gifts include Frost Wings, Red Phoenix Dance, and Dragon Spirit Gifts.


Most especially, the reward for the couple tournament will have a special meaning of gratitude, meaning love with the ava frame and the sunny autumn chat frame. Along with that is a pair of diamond rings from the famous jewelry brand PNJ for the couple who won TOP 1 in the tournament.

Sword Ma 3D is a life game that offers top-notch experiences thanks to an excellent gameplay system, diverse features and exciting PvP and PvE activities. Besides, Funtap’s game always creates many playgrounds, tournament events with extremely attractive prizes.

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