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Right now, Phoenix Labs – an independent game studio with a composition of “veterans” from Riot Games, BioWare… – officially launches the Open Beta version for the game Dautlessregister and open free download worldwide. Dauntless was developed from an online ARPG game project, a world that is so vivid that it is expected to continue to be expanded in the coming years. Currently, more than 1 million gamers have signed up to try and download the adventure to the sci-fi Shattered Isles.


In Dauntless, gamers play as Slayers, brave warriors fighting for the survival of humanity against the ferocious monster Behemoth. These monsters digested the purest of the earth, pushing the remaining lives to the brink of destruction. Only Slayers with heavy weapons and armor can fight the Behemoth on the Shatteres Isles. After each battle, warriors collect items and bring them back to the border city of Ramsgate to craft, enhance, and adjust their arsenal.​


Introducing Dauntless’s Open Beta



In addition to the basic content introduced before, this Open Beta also promises more expansions, new missions, new Behemoth monsters and many other details. Slayers experience a multitude of missions, from Dire Behemoth quests, heroic adventures, to unique hunts designed to show gamers tactical prowess. The difficulty of the task corresponds to the most powerful and generous rewards.

Register and download the game here.​

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