Infinity War comic version reveals who cut off Thanos’ head

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When Avengers Infinity War belong to MCU witness a tragic fate for Gamora – adopted daughter of Thanos then the series “Infinity Wars” belong to Marvel witnessed the events of the opposite direction that surprised the fans.

As we all know, Infinity War movie version witnessed the rise of Thanos with 6 Infinity Stones in hand. He, along with the power of all the elements in the universe, erased half of all lives with the snap of his fingers. These Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Winter Soldier and countless other names thus vanishing into nothingness forever.


However, before he could rise to the top of power, Thanos was forced to kill his little daughter Gamora in order to possess the Soul Stone. That image really broke the hearts of many fans and even haunted the Mad Titan himself forever. But the comic version Infinity Wars Prime #1 had a completely opposite outcome.

There, Thanos sent his Chitauri army everywhere in search of the 6 Gems Infinity Stones still with the purpose of purifying the universe in mind. But while carrying out his sinister plan, he accidentally encounters a mysterious assassin. Secretly raid the mad Titan, who later brought Requiem stabbed the blade from behind, causing Thanos to turn around with a surprised look..

Did you come to remind me with this sword?

Always talking loudly… I came here just to kill you.

At that moment, Requiem swung his sword and cut off Thanos’ head.


While the reader is still in shock, Requiem pulls the hooded nose and reveals the face of Gamora – a former member of the group. Guardians of Galaxy and Thanos’ adopted daughter. Using his father’s own words before he died Gamora took the name Requiem. But the story does not end here because the Gamora we see is holding the sword of assembly Power Stone and she is hatching a very dark plan.

In fact, the Power Stone was stolen from Gamora with his own hands Star-Lordand after defeating Thanos she headed straight for Infinity Watch with an unshakable will. For readers who do not know, Infinity Watch is the organization tasked with protecting the 6 Infinity Stones, including members like Doctor Strange, Star-Lord or Captain Marvel…


Unaware of Gamora’s actions, the Infinity Watch decided to gather under Doctor Strange’s summons to discuss a plan to protect the Infinity Stones. It was also at that time that Star-Lord accidentally discovered that the stone in his hand had been swapped. But when everyone still didn’t understand what happened, Gamora suddenly appeared and asked Infinity Watch to give the remaining 5 Stones. Her goal is to regain the piece of soul imprisoned in the Soul Stone by Thanos long ago. Watching Gamora become a completely different person, Star-Lord tries to reassure her and advises her to stay calm.

But while he was still speaking, Gamora drew his sword and pierced Star-Lord’s chest. Yes, Thanos no longer holds the image of the great villain in the Marvel world.. It has been passed on to Gamora.


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