Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – Live forever an FPS legend

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It’s hard to talk about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare without looking at the long shadow it left behind. Under that shadow is a treasure trove of disappointing sequels, spin-offs that try to capture the god but get caught up in the vortex for years on end. Of course, among the countless games that followed, there were still a few worthy names, although still unable to escape the power that Modern Warfare built.

The image of modern war is therefore gradually becoming tasteless in the eyes of the player, with scenarios that are fried over and over from game to game. Not that a product with mid-range quality like Spec Ops: The Line can make a strong impression when it gets out of the usual motif. Instead of telling a heroic story like many of its fellow believers, it hits directly at the ambiguity in human morality – something that the shooter village has always lacked.


From the cargo ship raid in the middle of a maddening storm to the hostage rescue on a bomber plane, Modern Warfare proves itself to be the ultimate action game. The massive battlefield of World War II is now replaced by the ruined alleys in the dusty Middle East, interspersed with the lightning attacks of the elite special forces. From the dives between the ambiguous bullets overhead to the gunfights in the narrow room, Modern Warfare keeps players glued to the screen because of the fiery atmosphere and the way the script is arranged too well.


It’s too easy for veteran fans to sit down and point out the memorable images of Modern Warfare. From the support of teammates on the Lockhead AC-130, the moment of destroying the enemy through the night vision goggles, to the sight of the atomic bomb blowing everything away.. Above all we can’t forget it. two vital missions at Pripyat – celebrated by the community as the pinnacle of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

But the game not only affirms the success of the narrow scenarios pre-rendered according to the script, but also proves Infinity Ward’s first attempt at expanding the battlefield. The mission “The Bog” is proof of that when gamers have to move through the twilight city and protect the M1 Abrams tank (codename: Warpig) stuck in the middle of the battlefield. From here, the game opens up a series of battles with a broader context for gamers to approach in many directions, while the enemy is always surrounded with overwhelming numbers.


On top of that, the game also makes people… perhaps for the first time, feel really attached to the virtual characters of Call of Duty. There, the player begins to get acquainted with the distinctive Scottish accent of Captain Macmillan, secretly approaching the target according to each command. But everything suddenly turns from control to extreme panic when the person who was leading you is suddenly injured and unable to move.

Becoming a forced capture pillar, the player’s heart seems to be broken into pieces when he has to temporarily put Macmillan on the ground to free his hands to fight… and then carry him back and run away from the enemy’s pursuit. behind. The climax is when both have to fight to the end, waiting for the helicopter to come to the rescue… Right here, our brains will begin to stretch like a string, tied to every second of the countdown to then breathe with relief and joy. Above all we know we’ve just survived something.


The second half of Modern Warfare is somewhat of an action movie, as the end of the world has to deal with fearless heroes. “It’s quite simple. Either we retake the launch facility or we won’t recognize the world tomorrow.” – “It’s as simple as this. One is we take back the missile launch base… otherwise we won’t recognize the world tomorrow.” – Captain Price when summarizing before the task. He was always like that, carrying his composure but determination to the end, no matter how desperate the immediate prospect was. Seven years on, these things still stand proudly as an unforgettable landmark of the virtual world. Its success, though inadvertently cast a shadow that is too long, a nightmare for products trying to imitate, but at the same time brings us the most beautiful values ​​​​that are easy to see only once in a while. life.

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