Warcraft III is about to have a graphical makeover version?

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For any gamer, the name WarCraft III was ingrained in the mind as a legend of the line real-time strategy game. Not only becoming the absolute choice for talented generals of the virtual world, WarCraft III with its map toolkit has become the premise for Dota and even the whole game village MOBA later flourished.


Now, exactly 16 years after the official release of Reign of Chaos, it seems that WarCraft III is also ready. Blizzard Graphic makeover with Remastered version. Proof of this is that the game after many years of oblivion has suddenly been updated with tons of new content and features.


Accordingly, WarCraft III has just received Update 1.29 with the goal of further balancing the units and Heroes in the game. Along with that, WarCraft III now also supports widescreen, allowing players to enjoy this legend on newer PCs. And yet, the game also offers its own Server Test system, revealing Blizzard’s plans to develop Warcraft III further.


But the most surprising thing WarCraft III This time, the game will have its own e-sports tournament in the near future, promising to bring back memories of the glory years of the past. The tournament even had the participation of Grubby – a popular professional gamer once associated with names like 4Kings, MeetYourMakers or Evil Geniuses.


All the drastic changes of this WarCraft III indicate one thing is that the game will get a graphical makeover with the Remastered version, similar to what Blizzard did with the game. StarCraft in the last year. If true, then this is really good news for fans because WarCraft III is Blizzard’s first 3D graphics game and so it will be easier to upgrade the image quality to a much higher level. .

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