PUBG – The most suffocating match in the pro league is here!

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PUBG Although it is the hottest game today, but because of the gameplay format, the application to Esports is extremely difficult. Not only that, due to the large map feature and the goal for gamers to become the last survivor, the action in PUBG does not take place as much as other Esport titles. However, the tournament PUBG Invitational in Katowice, Poland proved quite the opposite.


There in the final round with an extremely dangerous terrain and extremely small area, viewers witnessed up to 3 different Teams competing directly for the Top 1 position. With each Team in a perfect position. completely different, indeed the audience had to hold their breath to see who would become the last one standing in the midst of PUBG’s harsh death circle.


The story begins at the 34 minute mark of the match when the circle returns to the abandoned factory area. Here 3 members of Optic Gaming spread out to various locations on the ground while LGD Gaming try to prune them from the roof and TSM calmly waits below. It must also be understood for TSM when they only have 2 people left while LGD is still full Team and holds a high position.

The tension of waiting for the final round to start falling soon broke down when all 3 teams were forced to run and face each other directly. LGD with the advantage over the starters let the team member spread out in different directions while the rest tried to heal. At the same time, the last 2 members of TSM also moved out of the first floor and immediately caught one of LGD’s members who had just jumped off the roof. At the same time, Optic soon quit hiding behind the container to move into the center of the circle.


Also because of his smart move, Optic became the closest Team to the center and immediately shot down 2 members of TSM running out.. before he could. Optic_Hypoc raise the M16A4 to “down” more Simba of LGD. 2 members of LGD with the decision to stay “heal” on the roof right after that also died outside and officially brought the victory to Optic Gaming. You can watch the full final moments of the match from the 34-minute mark here:

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