BBG joined CF2L to prove that female AD carry is equally good

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CF2L SS1 2018 is the first eSports tournament to open this year of CrossFire Legends. Currently, according to the share from BTC, CF2L has attracted more than 100 game teams registered to compete. A special thing is that there is a team participating in the competition consisting of only female ADCs from Clan Begin – Begin Beautiful Girls. Fortunately, we contacted and had a short chat with the captain of this team, the extremely beautiful female gamer Thoai Anh.

Hello! Can you introduce yourself and the Begin Beautiful Girls team to the readers?

Hello everyone, my name is Thoai Anh, 21 years old, currently a student. I’ve been playing CFL since September last year and I really like shooting games on my phone because the game quality and graphics of CFL are much better than the games I’ve played.

The beautiful female captain Thoai Anh of Begin Beautiful Girls

About the Begin Beautiful Girls team, we have 5 members including XukaXinh (Captain), KieuXinh, PTM.MyXinh, N.RoseXinh and LemXinh. To have this team, I have chosen very carefully. Especially, the game skills part is thoroughly tested before being approved for the team. Currently, the lineup of Begin Beautiful Girls is very good.

What is the reason for a female team like you to register for a tournament as large as CF2L?

As a CFL game team, we want to challenge the whole team in a really big tournament. In addition, a part also wants to prove that the female ADC is just as good as the male players.

So, surely you will have to prepare well for this tournament, right?

Of course, every day we set up default or free gun exchanges with other teams to practice skills, test tactics as well as learn more combat experience.

Begin Beautiful Girls often set up practice matches

So, do you think your team has the ability to go deep into this tournament? How do you expect?

Like I said, CF2L is the tournament where we first want to try and learn more, so the expectations are not too high. As for assessing the ability to go deep into the round of 8 teams, it is very difficult, I know that CF2L this time has a lot of strong teams registering to participate from big clans. Even in the first rounds, when they met too strong teams, Begin Beautiful Girls had to give up. But if we’re lucky to meet mid-range teams, we think we’ll make it through the qualifiers.

In addition to your team with female members, as far as I know there are also some teams that are not all female but also have a few female ADCs in them, what do you think about this?

It’s also normal for female gamers to play shooters now, so joining a team and signing up for a tournament is also normal!

According to the 2018 mobile eSports tournament system for CFL that NPH VNG announced at the beginning of the year, in September there will be a separate tournament for Miss Lady Cup, what do you think about this tournament?

This is a great tournament for female ADCs like us. With CF2L Begin Beautiful Girls, I just want to try my best to gain more experience but I will still do my best. As for Miss Lady Cup, that’s what we aim for the most to bring glory to the clan. This is the main purpose of our team.

Thank you very much Thoai Anh for your sharing. Wish you all will achieve success, gain more experience in CF2L and be able to conquer Miss Lady Cup!

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