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List the most effective and useless “disciples” in the game (P2)

In the previous part, we learned through the most useful and lovable sidekick characters in the gaming industry. In this part, still the sidekick, but in a completely opposite aspect:

7. Lydia in Skyrim


Many people think that Lydia is attractive, likable, and useful as an assistant, others just want to bang their heads against the wall because they don’t understand why they recruited her. As one of the first assistants that will follow you during the game, Lydia has a good fighting ability and is always present in every battle. However, she is too cocky and often complains about having to carry things for you, even refusing to continue when she feels too heavy. But, you know, once you’ve stepped on the journey of Skyrim, you will always feel the amount of stuff you bring is too little, but never feel superfluous. Therefore, Lydia’s ability to “carry” is really a “pain” for anyone who accidentally recruits her.

8. Donald and Goofy in Kingdom Hearts

Donald and Goofy are 2 great cartoon characters that a lot of us grew up with, but things don’t look so great anymore, when you’re playing Sora in Kingdom Hearts. It sounds fun to be with Donald and Goofy every step of the way, but what about the truth? Both are too weak, easily die after a few hits, don’t know how to protect themselves, and are almost impossible to rely on when the battle turns bad. And yet, both have dialogues that they’ll repeat hundreds of thousands of times throughout matches, and that can totally drive you crazy. Not believe? Please click the repeat button of the video on several tries!

9. Ashley in Resident Evil 4


Anyone who has played through Resident Evil 4 will experience 2 levels of emotions: Excited to know that they will be “coupled” with a beautiful girl throughout the game, and want to “beat the table and beat the chair” when must witness her uselessness over and over again!!! We rescue Ashley Graham from the hands of a bunch of fanatics, and are forced to act as her “nanny” during the journey. That means we’ll have to hear Ashley “howl” every 5 seconds, and then have to rush back to rescue or kill any fiends who want to touch her. Ashley is defenseless? Fine! But at least she should learn to stay out of danger, or simply speed up her legs a bit. Well, besides, Ashley’s childish and whining personality is obviously also a “plus point” that makes every fan think a few times before getting their hands on Resident Evil 4 again.

10. All teammates in Call of Duty


Try this once in Call of Duty: In the midst of a fierce battle, find and hide somewhere hidden for about 5 minutes, listening to your AI teammates shoot each other fiercely at the enemy, then poke your head up. What do you see? The same number of enemies as before you escaped. Reason? That’s because your AI teammates are designed to only appear to be helping, but they’re actually just shooting into the sky or going somewhere without anyone knowing. You will have to do all the work, alone. Fine, because that’s what the game was programmed for. But no matter what you say, the uselessness of those “comrades” can’t be changed.

11. Sticky in Fallout 3


Uselessness isn’t the worst you’ll encounter in the assistant characters. On a higher level, you’ll just wish you could meet and punch that person in the face, or whoever designed this character. Fallout 3’s Sticky is a prime example. It’s a 16 year old boy that will join your party after you find him in Little Lamplight, and won’t leave until you escort him to Big Town – where every kid from Little Lamplight will go. when coming of age. During the process of following you, the boy will always grumble: “Why is the trip taking so long?” or “Are we there yet?”. Not only did he not contribute anything to the group, but Sticky also started telling a stupid story if he started to get bored because it took you so long to get it where it was supposed to be. Teach this brat a good fight? Yes, that is the wish of any gamer who has played through Fallout 3.

12. Natalya in GoldenEye 007


Natalya is, without a doubt, the greatest test of patience a gamer has to endure in a lifetime. She has a talent for being stuck in the back, becoming useless, or simply walking through enemy fire with absolutely no chance of survival. Natalya’s existence must be guaranteed if you want the game to continue, and she will constantly act as if she wants to make that a challenge for you. The best thing about Natalya that you can think of? That was, even if she died a hundred thousand times by walking into the enemy’s bullets, at least she was…on the right track…

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