How does Vainglory 5v5 change Esports on Mobile?

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Vainglory is always a game that is ready to break the limits of Game Mobile while basically, it is the name that builds the platform. electronic Sports on mobile. Vainglory has indeed seen tremendous success on all fronts and is still one of the biggest games in the village. Esports Mobile Currently. But the development team Super Evil Megacorp I still want to push myself further.

Now on Vainglory 5v5 was officially released.. completely changed the gameplay value that we already know. Since its debut with 3v3 mode, Vainglory has aimed to separate itself from the traditional 5v5 style to fit the configuration on mobile devices. However, today the hardware power of Mobile has become much stronger than before – the main reason for Vainglory 5v5 was born.


For the vast majority of gamers this is a great step forward when they will be able to play a game MOBA 5v5 is perfect on Mobile, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring many problems to Mobile e-sports. Professional Teams suddenly find themselves having to find 2 new positions while organizations Esports have to invest more money. Gamers also have to relearn the entire strategy that took them years to master.

To help the community see why Super Evil Megacorp has decided to make such a big change and above all, how it will impact the Esports Mobile village in general, CEO Kristian Segerstrale has shared extremely positive comments. interesting through an interview with Forbes just recently.

5v5 mode has been cherished for a long time but why has it taken so long to release?

At Super Evil Megacorp, our mission is to bring the perfect multiplayer experience to the next generation of touch mobile devices. So for us it’s important not only to make 5v5 but to do it well. There our aim is to deliver a frame rate, tactical depth, and responsive controls… as we ourselves expect as gamers on all platforms.

With the 3v3 mode that was introduced at the iPhone 6 event, we have conveyed to the players a perfect control system, highly detailed modeling with 1.3 billion polygons, 100 moving and dimensional characters. tactical depth never seen before on Mobile. The development team felt that the best way to develop that gaming culture was to deliver an in-depth yet accessible gameplay system, while ensuring the highest performance on mobile devices.

Our dream has always been to deliver a complete 5v5 experience where other platforms are still in focus. So after launching Vainglory 3v3 we have set a goal to optimize the EVIL engine and improve the new design to bring life to a huge step forward not only for Vainglory in particular but also for Game Mobile in general. shared.

With the release Vainglory 3.0 we now support frame rates up to 120 FPS, while the 5v5 mode has up to 3 billion processed polygons and 200 moving characters. Many new features are also available soon, typically the Fog of War. We put all of our strength into optimizing the game as much as possible, to the point where all devices can experience 5v5 mode. When combined with the Razer Phone and the existing network platform, we can now deliver an experience that gamers have been waiting for so long.


Why did Vainglory decide to switch from the still successful 3v3 mode to the brand new 5v5 mode?

From our perspective, 3v3 mode only makes sense 3 years away when mobile devices can meet the hardware performance that the development team thinks the game deserves. When launching 3v3 mode on that day, Mobile was only considered a place for Casual games and the idea of ​​​​playing MOBA on mobile was too complicated. Therefore, 3v3 is a perfect opening for the MOBA genre and makes sense for the hardware power and gaming culture 2-3 years ago.

Super Evil Megacorp’s vision has always been to deliver a great multiplayer experience on Mobile with beautiful graphics, precise controls, and absolute respect for the tactical aspect as well as player skill. 5v5 offers a gameplay system with more depth, more opportunities… and that’s exactly what the Vainglory community has been craving since day one. We know our community is ready for something bigger.

Does it have anything to do with Arena of Valor’s launch? It’s strange that you guys were doing well with 3v3 but now you’ve moved on to doing what they’re doing too?

Vainglory 5v5 was developed right after 3v3 was officially launched in 2015, so this is not a move to respond to any other game on the market. Besides, we also prioritize focusing on what the community wants and needs instead of seeing what other parties are doing. Our vision from the beginning was to bring a perfect multiplayer experience to mobile and we wanted to give it enough time to take it to the next level in terms of graphics, strategy and quality. gameplay in general.

In fact, we ourselves welcome other titles to our series. A large number of PC and Console titles have focused on real-time multiplayer over the past decade. On Mobile, however, this transition is just beginning. Therefore, building a culture of multiplayer gaming on mobile cannot be built with just a single game, but instead needs the help of the entire industry. So we think it would be good for gamers to experience many games on their devices.

However, Vainglory offers a completely different experience compared to today’s simple PvP-heavy MOBA games. Vainglory itself has always focused on depth in gameplay design and technical performance. Thanks to the EVIL engine, the most powerful engine currently available on mobile, Vainglory can convey a beautiful graphics platform, precise control system and much deeper tactics. Along with that, the Fog of War feature shows the player’s vision, besides elements such as walls or bushes, gamers have an extremely realistic and vivid experience.

Not only that, Vainglory 5v5 not only brings a beautiful graphics background, but also has tactical depth through many features such as lane switching, Creep control or small targets throughout the map. That’s why Vainglory stands apart from other games of the same type, which are usually just simple 5v5 products with a casual nature.


Speaking of general Esports, why did you guys decide to do the 5v5 tournament in June, why not do it now?

2018 is our transition year so the season will start more slowly to give the teams time to adapt. We know that teams will have to get used to the new Map, new tactics while recruiting new members to the team. Competing teams also need more time to build cohesion, and in some cases realize that the original lineup is not suitable for the 5v5 format. This is a time when we do not want to rush. Therefore, the season opening will start in April and officially kick off in June.

Will 5v5 become the standard game mode for the tournament? If so, then the question is why?

We’re incredibly proud of how big Vainglory’s e-sports has grown. Every year the number of viewers nearly tripled, to the point that the 2017 World Championship had 100,000 viewers with a total of 15 million views worldwide. 3v3 mode will still be a key mode in the game alongside 5v5. However, in terms of professional competition, we will follow the community. In the past months, especially when the 5v5 demonstration matches were held at the World Championship, the response from the gaming community has been extremely positive. They want the pro tournament to be moved to 5v5. It seems that gamers are also very excited about 5v5 bringing a greater strategic depth and we look forward to it becoming the driving force for the game and the Esports village to grow further in 2018.

Is Super Evil Megacorp concerned that adding more gamers will cost large Esports organizations more money, from no longer supporting Vainglory?

2018 will be a strong year for Vainglory. Speaking of esports, it was also a transition year when our main goal was to replace 3v3 with 5v5. Therefore, the development team predicts there will be many major changes in the competitive lineup of Teams. New Teams are expected to bring more excitement while old Teams can turn to a new page.

We’ve always been talking closely with the competing Teams as an answer to the excitement the community brought when witnessing the 5v5 mode for the first time. We’re building it together and are thrilled with what Vainglory has to offer to our stakeholders in 2018. Right now, many competing teams like TSM have embarked on creating video content around the new mode with millions of views. This gives us a lot of confidence as moving to 5v5 as the new standard will help Teams connect with the fan community better. The fact that Teams as well as professional gamers attract more fans is a sign that we are on the right track.


For Super Evil Megacorp, will there be any major changes in the organization of the Event? Or simply add a position for the Team to compete?

We just partnered with ESP Gaming, a multiplayer gaming content company with experience in hosting world-class Events including the Olympics, X Games, NFL and World of Series of Poker. With this partnership, Vainglory will become the leader in mobile esports with an ultra-modern studio in Las Vegas. 2018 will be a big year for Vainglory in Esports, so it’s never going to be about adding just a few more seats on the stage. We aim to work with the biggest partners in this space to ensure the best experience for both viewers and players. We’re also working on improving the tournament format and structure as part of a long-standing eSports plan that’s been in the works so far. Where the tournament will move from identifying Teams through the “March Madwoman” style to building the image of gamers into “Stars” or “Rival”, now 5v5 will be more about leading and playing. Put the heat on important situations. You will have to wait until April to see this very interesting format.

Vainglory’s e-sports business has come a long way since it was first revealed. Do you expect a similar momentum or is that still a bit too ambitious?

For the esports industry as a whole, the potential is simply too great. There are billions of mobile devices out there and an ever-growing community. Vainglory has millions of active gamers every month, and the World Championship grows further year by year. 2 years ago we only saw 5000 to 6000 viewers at the same time, just 1 year ago that number has increased to 27,000, and during the World Championship last December that number peaked at 100,000 viewers. We are confident that this is just the beginning. We work hard every day to create an even better experience for the community of players. We’re confident that whoever does their best work in the years to come will make the most popular game globally. In the long run, someone will do well in Mobile e-sports in the future. And with an audience of up to billions of people, they are not only looking at a developed Esports but also a mature mass sport. Although it is impossible to know if “that person” is us or not… but we will do our best.​

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