The reasons why Conan’s movie version has always been loved by audiences for more than 2 decades

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Although for the otaku (lovers anime,manga), the plot of the original comic has gradually become less attractive as before. But every year, just movie new of Detective Conan When it came to the theater, everyone was excited and full of anticipation. In fact, this series has aired for more than 20 years in Japan and its popularity has also increased over time. Recently, the media in the land of the rising sun has researched and synthesized 4 main reasons why movie of the Conan so popular with the audience.


Detective Conan is the set manga A famous detective story written by Aoyama Gōsho. And starting from the last century, this work will release a series every year movie (long anime version in theaters). Not only that, since 2009, these films have achieved box office sales of up to 3 billion yen or more. Because of that success, it has become a movie that from elementary school students to teenagers, even adults love to watch and are ready to buy tickets as soon as it is released. movie of the Conan premiered.

The reason the movie movie theater of Conan has such attraction, is for 4 main reasons as follows:

Reason #1: Treat the “new ghost” well

Normally, in the opening of movies Conan there will be a summary that introduces the story, then begins the main content of the movie. In other words, even if it’s the first time the audience sees a movie any of Conanit is understandable why high school detective Shinichi was reduced to Conan, but what are the relationships around him and the devices made by Dr. Agasa for Conan… Details These are all important to the audience when watching the version movie. Most other cinematic works, after releasing many later movies, will no longer continue to introduce this way to “new ghosts” who have never seen the previous parts anymore. Thanks to that, even children who see the version for the first time movie movie theater of Conan will also be easily attracted after watching the introduction of this movie.


The second reason: Detective element

Because in Japan, every week anime Detective Conan was also broadcast on television, so the images in the anime have become too familiar to viewers. So when you want to put the characters in the version movie, the producer has to think hard to create the most attractive scenario. If in movie If there is no climax, drama like a real detective movie, it will not make the audience feel satisfied. So every time the version movie Released, the writer will add new characters to the field, not only that, the drama of the film also originates from these new characters and our main character will use his ability to solve cases. to solve. It is that newness and creativity that brings many attractions to each part movie different over the years.


Third reason: Action scene

Mention the version movie of the Conan, surely the audience will often immediately remember the “monumental explosion” scenes. The movie In previous years, there was even the scene of a TV station blowing up. These bomb explosion scenes not only bring visual effects, hitting viewers’ minds but also combine with sound effects in the screening room to make the scene even more impressive. Combined with the chase action scenes, the tense battle between Conan and the criminal makes the film even more attractive.


Fourth reason: Romance

In a movie filled with thrilling action or detective scenes, the romantic element will also be one of the things that makes the film score and easily reach a wider audience. Although the original manga, anime on good TV movie The cinema has many changes, but there is one element that never loses its appeal, which is the lovely love story between Ran and Shinichi. Although now there are also many manga/anime release version moviebut really talking about the romantic love between the main character only Detective Conan. So, not only is Detective Conan appealing to younger audiences, but teen and adult audiences alike find the romance-watching appeal in the detective drama itself. It’s not just Shinichi and Ran, the supporting couple Hattori and Kazuha with the “chicken” or angry feelings, as in Movie 21 It also makes the audience feel very excited.

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